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 Allah (swt) sent Prophet Nuh (as) to earth one thousand years after sending Prophet Adam (as) The population on earth had increased many folds by now. And by this time,the evil Shaytan had played his dirty tricks with mankind, and people had started worshipping idols. It was during this time that Allah sent another prophet to earth, Prophet Nuh (as) to guide the people back! But it wasn't going to be an easy job for the prophet. Fear Allah, and do what Allah says. shouted the prophet to everyone.

 But the people didn't want to listen. They shaked their heads, and continued worshipping the idols. The prophet was an excellent speaker and he was very patient too. Don't you understand that it was Allah who created this whole world? shouted the prophet. It was Allah who created the sun, the moon and the stars you see in the sky. He created the rivers, the mountains, the trees and everything that you see around. He did all this for you,and you alone. Then why are you not showing him any respect? Why are you worshipping these idols? But the people turned their backs on him saying Who are you to advice us. You are just another man, and we think that you are lying. Go away, and leave us alone. But there were good muslims on earth too! Most of them were weak, and poor. They listened to the words of the prophet and realized that they were committing a sin by worshipping the idols Now there were two different group of people on earth.

 One who worshipped Allah (swt), and the others who continued idol worship Nuh continued preaching to the people for many years. The idol worshippers soon became tired of the prophet. You have been preaching lies for long enough they said. We are going to stone you if you do not stop But the prophet ignored them, and continued calling the people tirelessly. He preached to them during the day, and the night. On many occasions, he was stoned by the idol worshippers, while preaching to the crowd He was even beaten with the sticks!. You are no different from us shouted the idol worshippers. 

 You are no prophet! You are just another man, and why should we listen to you? Iam telling you the truth, the prophet pleaded to them. You are committing a sin by worshipping the idols But the people didn't listen and they beat him again! fear for you! Allah is going to punish you one day. the prophet shouted to them But the people had no shame, and they said he is a fool, donot listen to him All this pain did not let the Prophet to stop calling out to the people.

 He continued preaching to them for for nine hundred and fifty years! The disbelievers kept making fun of the prophet, and by now they had taken things too far! Nuh (as) was disappointed by now. Whereas the number of disbelievers kept growing and growing. One night when the prophet was offering his prayers, Allah spoke to him!! Don't be sad Nuh,God said to the prophet. You have done what you were asked to. I am going to punish all the people o n the earthfor their wrongdoings. Everyone on earth is going to die, except the muslims and the animals said Allah (swt). 

As the first step, God then asked the prophet to plant many trees! Nuh (as) didn’t understand the reason behind this, but he listened to Allah, and started planting trees as he was told. He also asked the good muslims, who listened to him him to do the same. They did this for more than one hundred years! After many years, Allah spoke to the prophet again! This time he asked the Prophet to start building a ship!! It has to be a huge ship, that can accommodate a pair of every animal on this earth said Allah. 

The prophet was confused. He didn't know how to build a ship, and no one had ever made a ship before! In spite of this, the prophet started making the ship with the help of Makers. First they made plans for building the ship No one knows the exact size of the ship, some say it had a length of 600ft, and others say it had a length of 2400ft!! Whatever it was, the ship was sure going to be gigantic one! We will help you to build the ship said his children, and the muslims, and they joined the prophet. First, the prophet had to choose a place for building the ship He chose the mountains far far away from the city.

 The prophet collected the tools, and set out to build the ship They started cutting down the trees for wood. Yes, it was the same trees he that he had planted more than a hundred years back! Then they started building the ship as per the plan The men worked very hard, day and night to build the ship. When the disbelievers saw the prophet building a ship on top of a mountain, they started making fun of him! You are such an old fool they said. Why would you possibly need a ship so huge The others said  And how are you going to take it to the sea? The others said. And how are you going to take it to the sea? You would come to know very soon replied the prophet.

 The people didn't know why the prophet was building the ship, and they thought that the prophet had lost his mind! The prophet and his men kept working hard. After many months, the ship was finally ready! They then thanked Allah for helping them to finish the ship The time for flood was nearing day by day. 

One night Allah told the prophet that he will start flooding the earth, the day when the prophet sees water coming out of the stove in his house! You see, this huge ship built by the Prophet had three different sections! What were the different sections? They were for different types of animals . The first one was for birds. The second part of the structure was for humans, and the third part was for animals. Mashallah..... that was brilliant Yes And while the day of the flood got nearer, animals and the birds started arriving one by one!

They were arriving in pairs- one male and a female! There were elephants, giraffes, lions, rabbits, parrots and soon the ship was filled with all the variety of animals and birds from earth! And one day, like God had told the prophet, water suddenly started coming out of the stove in his kitchen This was the sign Nuh (as) was waiting for! He knew that the time of flood had arrived! When he went out, he saw that it had started raining too! Without wasting anytime, he ran out and called all the good muslims who had helped himto build the ship. He asked all of them to board the ship immediately. The disbelievers didn't understand what was going on, so they kept laughing at the prophet. Look at the old fool they said. What is he going to do with all those animals and men The prophet ignored them and asked his wives and sons to board the ship quickly. Everyone obeyed him, except for one of his wife, and her son who were not his followers.

I will save myself from the water his son said. Don't worry about me. The water levels had gone up by now, so the prophet ran to board the ship. A terrible flood broke out, and the water levels began to rise rapidly. The earths crust moved, and ocean floors started rising which caused it to flood the dry lands!! The rains didn't stop for hours either! By now people realized that what the prophet told them was true, and they ran toward the mountains to save themselves. 

The prophet saw that his wife and son were climbing a mountain to escape from the water. So he shouted to them "COME AND BOARD THE SHIP, SAVE YOURSELF" But they ignored him and climbed to the top of the mountain. Then a huge wave, bigger than the mountain they stood on, came and hit them, killing both of them!! These enormous waves killed all other disbelievers as well!! The water kept rising and rising, and after sometime, the earth was completely filled with water! 

Then Nuh (as) said Bismillah! When the prophet uttered these words, the ship started moving! The rains had stopped by now, but the entire earth was filled with water. The prophet knew that he had to keep sailing for a long long time But didn't the animals hurt others? How did they live together? The ship had eighty people in it, and the prophet had taken precautions to store enough food for the men and the animals. Allah had it all planned my son. He made the ship suitable for the silent sheep as well as the violent lion! all the violent animals were down with some or the other sickness All of them were living together, but the prophet faced a lot of trouble because of the rats. They were everywhere, running up and down, nibbling there, nibbling here.. 

They were really the troublemakers. Then the prophet prayed to God, and it was then that Allah created the cats! The cats hunted down the rats, and after sometime, the rats started behaving as well. Like that Allah (swt) solved many problems that the prophet had to face during the journey. They had sailed for about one hundred and fifty days by now, and they couldn't find land anywhere they could see. The prophet and the men waited and waited for many days The prophet then decided to send a crow to see if it could find land anywhere. But the crow didn't return at all Then the prophet sent a dove in search of the land. The dove flew away, and after a few days returned with a branch of olive tree in its beaks! The prophet and his family were really happy, as they knew that they were close to the land! The ship sailed further for sometime, and finally reached on top of the Joodi mountain.

 The prophet said Bismillah, and the ship stopped moving! After travelling for more than one hundred and fifty days, their journey had finally come to an end The prophet released all the animals, birds and insects first into the land. They went out and populated the earth back again. The prophet and other muslims came out of the ship, and the first thing he did was to put his foreheadto the ground in prostration! And that was a new beginning for the human race!

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