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Prophet Ibrahim (as) grew old, and so did his wife Sarah. One day when he was sitting outside his house, he saw three men coming towards his house. The three men were actually angels sent by Allah (swt). The prophet welcomed them inside to have food. The strangers went in and sat down for food. Prophet served them a roasted calf! But the strangers did not touch the food at all.

 The prophet started to fear. Then the angels comforted the prophet and asked him not to fear at all. They told him that they were actually the angels sent by Allah (swt). They informed him that they came to his house to deliver a good news. They said that Allah (swt) was going to give them a son, and that he should name him Ishaaq. They also told him that his son would be a prophet. Sarah could not believe her ears! How could that be true, she wondered. 

I am so old. Then the angels said that all things are possible with Allah (swt). After a few months, Sarah got pregnant and gave birth to a child! The prophet named him Ishaaq, as the angels told him. Ishaq (as) grew up as an obedient boy. He worked hard, and like the angels foretold, he too became of prophet of Allah (swt).

 Ibrahim (as) was very old by the time Ishaq(as) grew up. As he felt that his life was nearing its end, he wished to see his son get married. But he did not want Ishaq(as) to marry one of the Caananites, as they were all disbelievers One day, he sent one of his trustworthy servants to Haran to choose a bride of Ishaq(as) The servant obeyed his master and travelled for many days to reach Haran Once he reached Haran, the servant selected Rebekkah, the daughter of Ibn Nahor, who was a brother of Prophet Ibrahim (as). And as his father wished, Ishaq(as) married Rebekkah. 

Rebekkah didn't give brith to a child for a long time. Ishaq (as) kept praying to Allah (swt) for a child, and after many years, she gave brith to twins! Ishaq(as) named them Esau and Yaqub! Esau grew upto be a strong man, and he was a good hunter. But Yaqub was more intelligent and he was his father's favourite.

 There were frequent fights between the brothers as Esau disliked the fact that his father favoured Yaqub(as) more than him. Esau became more and more jealous as they grew! Ishaq(as) grew old, and he could not see clearly. One day he asked Esau to go hunting and bring him some cooked meat. Rebekkah, his wife, overheard the conversation and she ran to her son Yaqub(as)! 

Esau agreed and went hunting for the meat Slaughter two goats of your best flock. she said to him and cook them as you know your father will like. Go and do this before your brother returns. Yaqub(as) did as his mother had ordered. Rebekkah then asked him to put on his brothers clothes, and then she covered his hands and neck with goat's skin! This was to make his skin feel like Esau, who was very hairy. 

Then Yaqub stepped into his father's room. Who are you. asked Ishaq (as). I am your son replied Yaqub(as) in a deep voice. His father then started eating the food. Once he finished his food, he blessed Yaqub(as) to be the better brother and to be the leader of of his people! Once he got the blessings, he left the room. 

Esau returned with the meat after sometime, and he entered his father's room. What is this my son?.The prophet asked when he heard Esau's footsteps. I have  brought you the meat you like Ishaq(as) was now confused. Didn't you bring me the food an hour ago?. He asked him. I also gave you my blessings. No.. I swear I did not Esau said. 

He then knew that he had been cheated by Yaqub(as)! He felt so angry that he wanted to kill Yaqub right away! Rebekkah saw what had happened So she went to Yaqub(as) and ordered him to go to her brother Laban in the land of Haran. She asked him to stay there until his brother was not angry at him anymore!.

 Yaqub (as) left his family and started his journey towards Haran. He travelled for many days in the desert. One evening, he got very tired of walking and decided to get some rest. He took a stone and put it under his head, and slept. That was when he had an amazing dream! In his dream, he saw a ladder from heaven to earth! He saw that the angels were coming down and going up the ladder. It was then that Allah (swt) blessed Yaqub(as) and this piece of land for his future generations. When he woke up, he exploded with Joy!. 

He took a vow that if he returned to his family safely, he would build a mosque here for Allah (swt). He also vowed to give one tenth of his property to Allah (swt) He poured oil on that stone so that he would be able to recognize this place later. This place is today known by the name of Jerusalem! The next morning, Yaqub(as) set out for Haran After many days of travelling, he finally reached Haran. Yaqub (as) then met his maternal uncle Laban. His uncle was very happy to see him, and invited him to his house. Laban had two daughters- Leah and Rachel.

 The prophet started working hard for Laban. During his stay, he fell in love with his uncle's younger daughter Rachel After a few months, he asked Laban to marry Rachel. Work for me for seven years he said. and I will let you marry my daughter. The prophet agreed to his terms. Yaqub (as) worked hard and Laban prospered. 

After the end of the seventh year, his uncle prepared a feast and gathered people for the wedding. But his uncle tricked him, and he got his elder daughter Leah married to Yaqub (as). Leah was weak sighted and ugly. Yaqub(as) didn't know about this, and he discovered the truth only in the morning!! When he realized that he had been tricked, he went to his uncle. You deceived me.  He said to Laban. 

I was engaged to Rachel, and you married me to Leah? His uncle said. it is not our tradition to marry the younger daughter before the elder one. However,  he added If you love Rachel, work for another seven years and I will let you marry her.  Yaqub (as) worked hard for another seven years and then married Rachel.

 It was acceptable in their time, as described in Torah, for a man to marry two sisters. Laban gave a female slave to each daughter. Leah' s slave was called Zilpah, and Rachel's slave was called Bilha.

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