STAY FEARLESS & NEVER GIVE UP - NEW Motivational Speech 2020

STAY FEARLESS & NEVER GIVE UP - NEW Motivational Speech 2020 Ethic Motivation: motivational quotes and speeches

STAY FEARLESS & NEVER GIVE UP - NEW Motivational Speech 2020

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in real time

we don't need to be aware we do need to

be prepared we do not need to live in


we do not need to be scared

this is a lot of time to panic and make

rash decisions

it's a time for car common sense

it is the time to make some strong


this is not the time to fight with each

other this is not the time to feel for


there's the time to show compassion and

kindness this is not a time to act out a


is the time to make decisions for your

long-term future

tough decisions the small decisions

decisions that may alter your life

forever don't let the virus of fear

inside your heart

then with the virus of fear inside your


don't follow with everyone else's - do

not act how everyone else is acting most

people do not enjoy the life they live

as a result of the decisions they make

you cannot follow people who are only

following other people these people

don't know the best path to take look

within in action

what you need to do now or is the best

way to react right now for your health

for your family but also for your peace

we're happiness

you must do that work on yourself

whatever is going on around in the house

you have to remain strong inside of you

you cannot let the demon for fear

they'll opinions of others inside to her

you have to keep your heart clean strong

is full of belief

stay strong weak on yourself be yourself

strong foundation that nothing can ever

knock you down your foundation must be

so funny nothing can get inside that

means your health your physical and

mental health is found from the

foundations you have built from which

you feed your body in your mouth feed

yourself with strength and you will be

strong feed yourself with beneath a

positive and you never believe in


you'll never be knocked out about fear

don't let the virus of fit inside your


don't let the virus of fear inside your

mother feed yourself with belief and

positivity and you'll never believe that

negative outcomes

you'll never be penetrated by negativity

you'll never be knocked down

stay strong lead the way set the Excel

stand up and lead the way

this ain't no is that all word to us

anthem nothing can breathe go

foundations nothing can bring down the

land a wolf is the stator refused to


so this the first

ultramarathon wasn't smart at all at all

just so basically happened was I was at

military freefall school with Morgan

Latrell marcus luttrell if you guys

don't know was the lone survivor of the

guy he was in a bad hop op went bad he

was the only navy so that lived long

story short you got to get the book read

lone survivor great story

Morgan is Marcus - Charles twin brother

and I was there with Marcus so what

happened was myself and Morgan were

freefall school at the same exact time

Marcus was in the worst incident in

still history so I knew that Marcus

might be dead he wasn't dead everybody

was dead so I actually bought Morgan you

know I actually told Morgan hey man your

brother wasn't a bad incident I don't

know if he's alive I know what's going

on long story short

Marcus is alive and I go on to want to

raise money for families all these guys

died they all had kids I want to raise

money for the Special Operations Warrior

Foundation it's the foundation where

100% tuition goes to these kids to go to

college you know full tuition whatever

so I found this great foundation I'm

gonna raise money for it so I see know

what I have to Google something that's

that's evil something very hard I knew

nothing about ultramarathons

I hadn't even run a marathon I knew

nothing about this world so I googled

that did all the top 10 hardest races in

the world and what comes up is about

water 135 so hundred thirty-five mile

race through Death Valley in the summer

time I thought it was a stage race I

thought was a race where you run like 20

miles set up camp you know

barbecue outside and then go run some

more the next day so I called the race

director up at the race and said hey

Chris and there was Chris Causton I want

to do your race so we had a long

conversation you know I was I was much

heavier than and I had to put running

shoes on over a year how heavy are you

at this one I'm around between 240 to

270 whoa I'm in there I'm in that

register I've my weight is buried a lot

through the SEAL Teams and I was so team

so I was

STAY FEARLESS & NEVER GIVE UP - NEW Motivational Speech 2020

but the long and short of it all was I

am put running shoes on over a year I

was a big-time power lifter I lifted

weights heavy that's what I did I got

back home from Iraq went straight to

freefall school and then this happened

so I called Chris Kaufman up on a

Wednesday he says look man the only way

you can qualify for my races to run 100

miles at one time in 24 hours or less

there happened to be a race that

Saturday so 4 days later and he said if

you qualify by running a hundred miles

or less in 24 hours I will consider you

my race I'm gonna cut to the chase I

signed up for this race it's called a

San Diego one day where you running

around a one-mile track for 24 hours to

see me miles you can get my goal was 100

miles so I got 2 miles 70 and I cleared

70 miles in like 12 13 hours pretty

quickly but I was done my feet were


I was stretched fractured shin splints

muscles were tearing I was in bad shape

I was eating rich crackers and drinks as

happy that's all I had no water didn't

know what the hell I was doing out there

had on some tube socks it was just

ridiculous it was it was a clown show so

I sat down at Mile 70 and at this time I

was married and I look at my wife and I

was like I'm messed up bad

so I literally start to turn white and

when a black guy turns white you're

pretty fucked up so here I am I'm all

fucked up in this chair I'm at Mile 70 I

got 30 fucking miles to go I'm jacked up

I got to go to the bathroom in the

bathrooms like 20 feet from me it's a

porta potty I can't get all the fucking

chair so I'm peeing blood down my leg

whoa pooping up my fucking back and I

got 30 miles to go and I'm I can't stand

up can my my blood pressure's all messed

up I've been in three whole weeks Ranger

school overcome so many obstacles in my

life this last 30 miles of this race is

when I realized

a human being is not so human anymore we

have the ability to go in such a space

if you're willing to suffer and I mean

suffer your brain and your body once

connected together can do anything and

this 30 miles was the life-changing


I was out of it I was in the worst pain

in my entire life

I was to me on the brink of death and I

was able to chunk this 30 damn miles

into small pieces I was so driven and

I'm not gonna say motivated cuz

motivation is crap motivation comes and

goes when you're driven whatever's in

front of you will get destroyed so I sat

in this chair and I was so driven to

succeed in this race and it and at this

time everyone's were you thinking about

the guys that died and I'm not gonna lie

to you I wasn't this became a personal

thing this became me against this race

me against the kids that called me

nigger me against me it just became

something that I took so so violently

personal and I broke this thing down

into small pieces I said okay I got to

get nutrition I gotta be able to stand

up before I can get off this curve and

golf this chair and be able to go 30

miles so I went through all these small

steps and I was able to stand up and

then from standing up

I was literally walking around with my

wife at the time and she goes she's not

gonna make the time she goes you mean

you're walking like 37 minute miles I

got tomorrow 81 and the second she said

that I'm not gonna make the time I ran

the last 19 miles non-stop and I can

show you right now when we get done with

this my fact I want to show you right

now this was years ago and I had to put

compression tape on my own and I had so

this was years ago I had literally the

size of half dollars I had to get

compression tape and I taped up my

ankles and i taked up my feet

and that's how I got through that race

it was like a hematoma I mean what do we

what happened was like my shins hurts so

bad from having stress fractures that's

the only way I could continue on was I

taped it so I wasn't doing the flexor

motion that that activates your shins

so I taped my ankles and my shins up and

I got that from because of my throat

hell week they were good let me go back

to you know train anymore right so I

literally went through all the buds my

last seal training with stress fractures

and shin splints and how I did it was I

would take my ankles all the way up to

my calf every morning so for the first

hour the pain was excruciating but what

happened is my feet would go numb and I

did that every single day for six months

whoa that's how I got through my third

hell because I was so broken from the

first two that the commander said hey

the CEO said this year last time I sent

you through so that's how I got the idea

to do that so with the right and people

who may listen to this and say this guy

is sadistic he's crazy he's know if you

know how I came up you realized I was

just a scared kid that found Drive and

passion to be something much better than

what he thought he was


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