Les Brown - IGNORING THE NAYSAYERS (Les Brown Motivation)

Les Brown - IGNORING THE NAYSAYERS (Les Brown Motivation)Ethic Motivation: motivational quotes and speeches

Les Brown - IGNORING THE NAYSAYERS (Les Brown Motivation)

talk to me about cancer you've had such

an upbeat attitude about it it's really

pretty extraordinary

was that your initial reaction did you

go through a trough of despair when you

first got diagnosed like how have you

framed that those three words you have

cancer three of the most feared words in

seven different languages I saw it as a

fight and and and from that time to this

time you know my PSA was 2400 that

central prostate specific antigen and

now it's below zero and metastasized in

seven areas of my body

I never was fearful that I was going to

die from it and and I think I read

something by dr. Norman Cousins he wrote

a book called the biology of hope and he

talked about the fact that when

something happens to you you don't deny

it you defy it and I was defiant that

I'm going to beat this I'm going to

handle this that they're people who many

times and something happens to them that

they embrace it from a place of fear and

it takes them out and LC Robinson said

thanks my helper to you and things would

happen around you but the most important

things the things that happen in you and

you have to stand up inside yourself and

deal with it and handle it

the fear has not been the biggest

challenge that I faced were the things

that I've been dealing with in terms of

my health the easiest thing I've done

was to get out from under the labels and

to live the life that I live the most

difficult thing I've ever done was to

believe that I can do it when you don't

know what's impacting you and it's it's

something that that's holding you down

and you're not aware of it so there are

things that you in my situation when you

live in a dominant culture that is

designed to destroy your sense of self

and your belief in yourself and and you

have to learn ways in which you can


Les Brown - IGNORING THE NAYSAYERS (Les Brown Motivation)

connect with this power that you have

within yourself to handle where you are

the key is to be constantly in a

perpetual process of discovering the

truth of who you are and fighting

constantly to look for ways in which you

can escape the inner conversation I

speak to audiences around the world an

hour and I train speakers as well and I

tell them that when you speak that

there's that there's an objective that

you want to achieve when you speak to an

audience because how people live their

lives as a result of the story they

believe about themselves so you as a

speaker when you speak in this program

when people see you what you do is

distract dispute and inspire you

distract people from their current story

with your guests and the questions that

you ask through the process of the

ongoing questioning and the way in which

they respond and the things they have

learned you dismantle their current

belief system and inspire them to create

a new chapter with their lives

and so but that's an ongoing process of

constantly interrupting that

conversation what psychologists call you

self explanatory style because life is

going to beat up on you in so many ways

and many things they come back you know

negative thoughts and and how you feel

about yourself they don't die they they

come back once you stop doing the

maintenance work on your mind listening

to motivational messages going to

seminars and workshops spending time

quietly to listening to the still small

voice within Who am I really

is this really me am i giving my best

am I just reflecting what's around me

because all of these various things

affect how we show up in life and so

having a strategy to continuously of

find ourselves reaching higher of Robert

Schuller had a book is not very popular

but I loved it it's called peak-to-peak


Les Brown - IGNORING THE NAYSAYERS (Les Brown Motivation)

to PE EK because you're constantly

reaching higher to find out and discover

your better self there's a real you that

richard wright said at best he said the

impulse to dream has slowly been beaten

out of me through the experiences of

life so when you live in a culture that

is designed to destroy your sense of

self to where you are marginalized where

you you have a feeling of being hopeless

and powerless and you're terrorized they

used to have signs on Miami Beach that

said Jews dogs and coloreds not allowed

and so now you have to operate within

the constraints of the dominant society

and the things that they have created

for you and it's a challenge to see

yourself beyond that and to work to get

outside of that even after those laws of

change because that has become so much a

part of you you are unconsciously

operate within the parameters of what

has been put in place like you go to

you're driving on the expressway the

four or five it and you'll get off on an

exit that you weren't going in that

direction but you unconsciously did it

because you've done it so many times

that many people because they're not

making a conscious deliberate determined

effort to think outside of what life has

thrown at them they end up doing the

same thing over and over and over again

Einstein said that thinking that has

brought me this far has created some

problems that this thinking can't solve

and so through relationships through

reading through studies through goals

and dreams beyond your comfort zone it

allows you to begin to live out of your

imagination as opposed to out of your

history in Disney's that the imagination

is a preview of what's to come

I'm here with you because of two women

one gave me life the other one gave me

love God took me out of my biological

mother's woman placed in the heart of my

adopted mother and because of her

example and my love for her and a

passion and that I felt in my heart I've

got to do something to to make her proud

I've got to do something to put myself

in position to be able to take care of


that drove me Nietzsche said if you know

the wife of living you can endure almost

any how we want to live a life that will

outlive us the work that you're doing

there are people that you will never

meet who's live that you transform that

you have you're living a life that will

out live you just think about the fact

that this program has given a lot of

people hope and there's hope in the

future and give you power in the present

every 40 seconds someone commits suicide

but because of something you say or some

guests that you've invited him and as

they share their story you interrupt

that story of being hopeless and

powerless and and not wanting to be here

anymore and because they took the time

to watch you create an experience all of

a window home said that once a man or

woman's mind has been expanded with an

idea concept or experience it could

never be satisfied - going back to where

it was and so at the end of the program

at the end of one of your presentations

there are people who because of you

their lives would be transformed and

they will become a pencil as mother

Teresa would say in the hand of God and

start writing a new chapter with their


you get hungry by finding something

that's you I believe that all of us are

born unique but most of us die copies

you've got to find out what is it that

turns you on what resonates with you one

of the things that I realized and what

allowed me to become successful as a

speaker the speaking industry it's been

hijacked by people who speak to sell and

this it's okay to do that to make money

I speak to change lives because somebody

spoke ( and change my life so this is my

passion this is my drive this is

something that I feel in my heart and

and so the key to that hunger driven

life is a hard centered life I didn't do

what I'm doing for years because of my

programming because of the culture in

which I was raised dead I would see

other people with with degrees and PhDs

and and MBAs and credentials I don't

have and I convinced myself I couldn't

do it but mr. Washington on that day we

became friends and and he taught me not

only someone's opinion of you this does

not have to determine your reality he

said that you have to work on yourself

and you have to have an unstoppable

attitude and no excuse is acceptable and

you've got to do the make it a priority

are non-negotiable in your life and hold

of a constant ( vision of what it is you

want to achieve see it accomplished and

go all out find a way to win in spite of

the setbacks in spite of the

disappointments in spite of your

failures I tell people when I'm giving

presentations you will fail your way to

success I have a saying as life knocks

you down try and land on your back

because if you can look ( up you can get

up and so those experiences of of going

after goals that's beyond your comfort

zone and having relationships that will


and surrounding yourself with coaches

and mentors ( who can take you to a place

within yourself that you can't go by

yourself because you can't read the

label when you're locked in the box and

so those experiences they challenge you

to go to that next level and continue to

move forward in your life doing new and

exciting things that I has not seen ear

has not heard nor other than a heart of

mankind what God has in store for you

when you live a hard centered life

deciding that you're gonna live a life

that will outlive you you're going to

live a life that ( counts a life that will

build a legacy and change the planet you

know Horace Mann said we should be

ashamed to die until we've made some

major contribution to humankind and so

the things that we pick up and we think

that there are choices but they're the

choices that we've been programmed by

life to do when we leave our homes in

the morning we're bombarded with over

6,000 advertising hits through Facebook

through Twitter through Instagram

through television through our phones

and through our communities and through

the computers and so all of these things

are impacting us every day so if you

don't have a program for your mind then

your mind is going to be program and

you'll find yourself doing things that

you did not know and and that they

affected you that they through marketing

techniques and strategies that they will

create a thirst within you I came up in

an error that said if you built the best

mousetrap the world would beat a path to

your door but if you know marketing

people will sleep outside your store and

so many people never achieve their goals

because they have too many toxic

negative energy draining people in their

lives and you have to have goals outside

of your comfort zone that will challenge

you because in order to do something

you've never done you've got to become

someone you've never

then and you got to have a mentor who's

experienced who who's been there done

that and and as a result of that

relationship because you can't see the

picture when you're in the frame

Muhammad Ali said I'm the greatest but

you never want a championship without

Angelo Dundee and Michael Jordan ever

won a championship without Phil Jackson

so you've got to have someone that can

see something in you that you can't see

that that that can take you to a place

within yourself that you can't go by

yourself so I would teach them the value

of having a life code that life is an

adventure and it's going to be a

challenge and get ready because you're

gonna fail your way to success you will

get slapped around by life and don't

spend time complaining about it and

telling everybody

80% don't care and 20% glad is you focus

on the value of not only just changing

your mind but having a program to do

maintenance work on your mind because

those negative thoughts will come back

with a vengeance once you stop the

ritual or whatever you are doing that

will hold those negative thoughts in

check negative thoughts are like weeds

you can't kill weeds you can you can

hold them down for a minute but once you

stop doing the things to overpower those

negative thoughts because we've been

taught to to dislike ourselves that that

if I said to you Tom you can't do this

show you just don't have what it takes

you you have a face that only a mother

could love Tom you can't do this then

MIT did this study and somebody else has

come along say Tom don't pay any

attention you can do it Tom you can do

this don't listen to him

you can do this listen to me Linda you

can do this 17 times the neutralize at

one time and and so when we think about

him and his work and he did a lot of

profound work its its focused on how to

begin to get under those conscious

thoughts and impact that subconscious

Les Brown - IGNORING THE NAYSAYERS (Les Brown Motivation)

to create an ongoing process of renewing

how we see ourselves we've developed the

program called four steps to greatness

and it's a cyclic process one

self-awareness where you you you

constantly every day when I get up I

read I get up and there's a scripture I

love because all things work together

for good for those (ethicdiscussion. com)  who love God and for

those who are called according to his


and so I meditate on that and I

visualized myself doing some good stuff

in the planet

the next self is not only self-awareness

but the next thing is is self approval

that you have to have a program that

will increase your sense of self reading

doing good work volunteering constantly

looking for ways in which you can

improve all the dimensions of your life

being a better father being a better

husband or wife or being a better person

because we want to have a holistic

approach to life because if your

achievements out grow your sense of self

you will unconsciously engage in

self-destructive behavior

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