KEEP MOVING NO MATTER WHAT - NEW Motivational quote 2020

KEEP MOVING NO MATTER WHAT - NEW Motivational speech 2020 Ethic Motivation: Motivational speeches and quotes

KEEP MOVING NO MATTER WHAT - NEW Motivational quote 2020

I was knocked down but I refused to be

out I was fighting for survival but now

it's time for the revival hard times

require character hard times require

resolve hard times require spirit and

heart we must be strong in hard times

the question isn't or hard times show up

because hard times will show up the real

question is will you show character will

there be moments where you want to give

up yes that's for sure but what are you

made of

sometimes life is so hard we feel we

just can't find the strength to keep

going well I'm telling you to keep going

to show some character to build

unbreakable character sometimes in life

you have to fight back you must be

strong show character and prevail you

see no one on its earth is exempt from

our times we all suffer setbacks we all

have challenging events arrive in our

lives that we have no control over but

the difference in the quality of life we

live is how we respond to those events

do we show character in tough times or

do we crumble

Mike Tyson once said everyone has a plan

until they get punched in the mouth and

I'm telling you ( guys that is how most of

you live everything is just fine

it's your life punches you in the mouth

everyone shows great character until

something goes from are you going to

show great character when life punches

you in the mouth will you get back up

will you fight back

who are you made up will you be strong

or will you be ( out for the count give

our Platinum a jerk or so character

litem minority you need to work for your


no one is handed down character you

don't get will birthday or Christmas you

can't by working on yourself every

single day you gave my remaining strung

in the hard time you get what sticking


the truth is that right perches all of


the sad part is that the majority choose

to state have they choose to give up on

life give up on living their dream never

give up show your character so feed what

you are made ( of prevail even when no one

believes you came even when you have no

right to believe things will turn around

trust Dean's will turn around never give

up so you can to show me what you made

of what are you (  made of it is in our

toughest of moments

that our greatest character is formed

when you're going through a hard time

remind yourself this will not break me

this won't make me everyday you have two

choices I will survive this day or I

will drive this day
KEEP MOVING NO MATTER WHAT - NEW Motivational quote 2020

I choose to drive I choose to show the

character of a champion the strength of

a warrior (  the heart of a lion find your

why your why we'll pull you up when you

feel like you don't have the strength to

get up anymore your wire will get you

fighting when everyone else thinks you

are out of the county

why who are you fighting for what does

you show me your character and what you

consider to be one of your worst days

when you give a deeper meaning may well

turn out to be one of your best dates


never forget that our progress takes

place outside of your country so if you

want to muscle growth you need to push

them past the pain maybe if you want

your character to grow you must push

yourself through the pain push yourself

through and don't dis survive drop

life is a ( test it is only a test show

how strong ( you are in hard times and you

can thrive and any time so if you've

never heard anything I've said I need

you to lock in and listen harder than

you've ever listened before because I

know somebody's out there going through

they go through right now I know

somebody is down and out and they feel

like they can't pick themselves back up

I know somebody's in a messed-up

relationship I know somebody's Wren is

doing know somebody's lights are cut off

I know there's a business owner out

there that's drowning in debt and can't

make heads from tails and don't know how

to get out of it but I want you to

understand I was in that same place I

was in that dark place and I was a

business owner and I was in a situation

where I was in a partnership and I found

myself three months behind on my rent

and I had to make a decision couldn't

split no more had to make some changes

and unfortunately had to tell my

business partner I got to do something

different because I'm drowning right now

and of course his thought process was

you don't want to be out there by

yourself you can't do this by yourself

he doubted me and they will doubt you

because she's had a whole string of bad

luck he's had a whole string of

misfortune but it's up to you to pull

yourself up by the bootstraps to pick

yourself back up and make the necessary

changes to give yourself a chance to win

I was in the same place

I was three months behind on my rent I

was broke and I was broken but I had a

choice to make and I sat down and I

thought about it and its new business

venture what problem can I solve and it

hit me like a ton of bricks I chose the

bet on myself and ultimately I hit on my

bed so you have to make a choice to bet

on yourself you're standing on the ledge

of success and I need you to jump but

some of us are so scared someone who's

had so many fears somebody setbacks any

reservations we've made so many poor

choices so many poor decisions in our

life that we have no belief in ourselves

I can better myself and hit you can bet

on yourself ahead it won't happen

overnight but if you start putting a

necessary plan in place right now if you

start taking it one day at a time and

let one day become two and two days

become three and three become a week and

a week become a month of execution and

game planning and strategizing and

finding out the mistakes that you make

and failing and revising you give

yourself a chance to win you give

yourself a chance to go to the next

level it can be done I'm living proof

KEEP MOVING NO MATTER WHAT - NEW Motivational quote 2020

you can make it through I hope my words

sink in like a tattoo infiltrate your

veins penetrate your soul make you dig

deep I ain't talking cold I'm talking

about the hearts of man I'm talking

about the hearts of women when it's all

on the line are you the type to run and

hide when it's time to grind say I know

I'll never hit the lotto because I never

play and you'll never go to the next

level if you never try see all it takes

is a little effort a little effort

creates the energy that leads to a lot

of effort a lot of effort creates the

energy that leads to massive results let

this be your moment of change I know for

my life when I bet on myself and I look

back at that moment that I made the

decision to break away and start my own

business that was one of the best

decisions I ever made in my life and you

can look back once you make that change

right now and say whoa that was the best

decision I ever made in my life I need

you to put (  all your cards on the table

and I need you to bet on yourself and

give yourself a chance to hit on your


this is a great day to win
KEEP MOVING NO MATTER WHAT - NEW Motivational quote 2020

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