Hard Work Beats Talent - NEW Motivational Quote 2020

Hard Work Beats Talent - NEW Motivational Quote 2020 Ethic Motivation: motivational quotes and speeches

Hard Work Beats Talent - NEW Motivational Quote

in Jeff Colvin's book talent is

overrated he explores limiting beliefs

about talent and suggests it may not

even exist instead he says something

called deliberate practice maybe more

realistic he says greatness doesn't come

from DNA but from practice and

perseverance honed over decades

deliberate practice isn't mindless

repetition it's hard it hurts and the

more you do it the closer you move to

greatness talent does not equal Jeevan

you can have ( all the talent in the world

but if your line isn't right you'll

never be great if you're a talented guy

who refuses to put in the work it's only

a matter of time before someone hungrier

eats you alive you could be born it's a

well it still screw everything up jahmai

said you could be born into lack and

struggle and hardship but refuse to

accept that is your reality you don't

decide where you start but you

absolutely define will you end up in


your limits come from you not from your

genes not for your achievement not from

your luck get your mind strong and you

will be strong feed your mind with

success and put in the work and you will

be successful

according to Forbes 67% of the world's

billionaires are self-made here's a list

of some of those billionaires who grew

up with a little but through hard work

achieved a lot Oprah Winfrey Howard

Schultz Ralph Lauren Larry Ellison John

Paul DeJoria JK Rowling who was on

welfare before she wrote Harry Potter

Mowen ultra who was born in the desert

and Syria banned from school and went on

to make 2.6 billion from scaffolding Tom

Brady now recognised by many as the

greatest NFL quarterback of all time

Tom Brady was an average college

quarterback his combined statistics

prior to the 2002 after were at best

average and that's being very generous

he was drafted

unenthusiastically as the 199 pick in

the sixth round by the New England

Patriots Scout

Joe bucks bones report on Tom Brady

prior to the 2004 build very skinny and

narrow ended the 99 season waive 195

pounds and still looks like a rail at

211 looks a little frail and lacks great

physical stature and strength lacks

mobility and ability to avoid the rush

lacks a really strong arm can't drive

the ball down the field and does not

throw a really tight spiral the only

person in the NFL that believed in town

Brady was himself Robert Kraft New

England Patriots owner relived his first

meeting with Tom break this skinny

beanpole of a young man walked over to

me and said hi mr. Kraft I want to

introduce myself I'm Tom Brady I said I

know who you are you're our sixth round

draft choice

and I always remember he looked at me

like a laser ( eye to eye and he said

that's right and I'm the best decision

this organization has ever made Tom

Brady would go on to leave the New

England Patriots to eight Super Bowl

appearances winning five and collecting

four Super Bowl MVPs the most of any

player in history as a result of Tom

Brady's steely self belief an absurd

level of determination he has now

entered the conversation for the best

quarterback of all time was a talent who

was a hard work and desired that led to

his success

so if you are planning to use the excuse

of talent think again if you are

planning to use the excuse of privilege

think again think bigger think better

think about what you can do with your

own work take responsibility for where

you are in life and work and said you

get to where you want to be

you can outperform anyone with the fancy

education if you have the will to do so

if you think luck is involved in

achieving your never making you'll never

be successful with those believes if you

think luck is involved in success I want

you to take in this fact 86% of

millionaires are self-made that means

that 86% of all millionaires made their

money on their own their own sacrifice

don't work don't persistence their own


they were not given handouts by mom and

dad they were not born into will they

didn't win the lotto or get lucky most

of them came from poor families

walk their way to success

they refuse to accept their families

limitations as their own so they set new

standards for their life

you see luck has nothing to do with

success and luck has nothing to do with

the cheap

you create your own look by the work you

put in

Talon is cheaper than table saw was

separates the talented individual from

the successful ( one is a lot of hard work

jeans have nothing to do with it it's

all about mindset and application in

other words what do you believe is

possible and what are you prepared to do

to make your dreams your we are

you are to prepare to do are you willing

to suffer for your dream are you willing

to sacrifice for your dream

you'll even attempt

it is impossible and then we do fail

from a lack of belief in the lack of


would be reinforced by the fact

are prepared to do the work if you are

not willing to stick it out to fail

you'll never reach any place what do you

believe what are you prepared to do

both of these factors you can strengthen

over time do application and through the

foreman of new habits

if you consistently apply yourself you

will notice better results and as you

get better results you will strengthen

your belief and what is possible for you

if you can continue this growth and

compounding over time these new habits

and greater abilities you possess to

your own application in growth will lead

to greater belief and indeed greater


and I would you guillotine

all the limits that exist are in your


to develop tomorrow

real devil in Thailand

by taking action

are you willing to suffer for their

dreams are you willing to sacrifice

we all know someone very smart on

minimum wage

you'll be never fulfill their potential

despite getting great grades or

attending the best college

we all know

who's failed in school but created

amazing Lajja success achievement well

what's the secret be is hungry

it's on

those who are willing to final

no matter one final

find the best path by the way to add

more bounds those who will never quit

until they reach the top of their routes

are you for success

oh stop

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