FOCUS ON YOURSELF - Best Motivational Quote of 2020

FOCUS ON YOURSELF - Best Motivational Quote  of 2020 Ethic Motivation

FOCUS ON YOURSELF - Best Motivational Quote  of 2020 Ethic Motivation

we are friends

to some degree we get knocked down in

business relationships the economy in

life can be knocked down the only

difference as far as the fighters we are

is the fact that I physically knock

people out

it's not that we ( 

have a short time to

live but that we waste a lot of it twice

can be won or lost during that period

when a box is black out all the

de-stresses redirect is nerd Zone in on

his upcoming right but how does he do

then how will gave you block it out not

let it affect him in fact used to his


the answer is focusing

the answer is television and everyone in

here has the ability to activate and to

utilize these resources but getting

focused may be a lot easier for some of

us than others

because things tend to get in the way

but they're things that can be overcome

like what hurts more the pain that it

takes to achieve great success or that

pain associated with loss of pride due

to lack of success he 37 times fear

failure no pain no gain these are real

things but focus on television to put

those fears behind

six-eight on what do you want from life

and then figure out how to execute that

you'll either get really close or you'll

die try one thing and then is that frame

of model took to get there which is a

combination of focus of goals our

beliefs and strategies that check them

on a direct path to their dreams

now your goals combined will shoot up

nation controller can deliver you to

dreamers but what separates the champion

from the contender the winner from the

FOCUS ON YOURSELF - Best Motivational Quote  of 2020 Ethic Motivation

while those ashes is selfless

because of all the elements that took us

down the road success

sup as theme at times be the most decent

sometimes it takes a holiday

just we need it the most and this is

what Mitchell focus bill goes through

FOCUS ON YOURSELF - Best Motivational Quote  of 2020 Ethic Motivation

rollover critical because they have

tremendous impact with selfless thing

was to be nurtured shape and grown to

the extent of rattling you pull it along

it starts to pull you along too soon you

will be completely confident in a

decision making as you target new and

greater heights now the reason I feel so

confident with this is because it was

only five days just five days before my

fight with Bob Wagner said I get by one

of my sparring partners

the only thing in life that stands

between you and everything you've ever

wanted to do is doing it

the right time is always right now

one of the things I have realized and

many of us have that if you want

something out of life if you want to

change yourself if you want to acquire

something if there's some goal that you

want to reach ( that is really not easy as

some people will make us feel that

living a dream

changing your behaviors overcoming

negative habits it's challenging it's

hard that living alone is just very

difficult and once we begin to come to

grips with the fact that living is


I'm here all of my dreams and

aspirations are here and the only thing

in between these two is a bunch of work

always something you will never ever

have a problem free moment in life

and being hungry for those things number

one you've got to work on yourself

it's very important that you engage in

an ongoing process to develop you spend

more time on yourself than what you've

been spending

and we find ourselves doing all kinds of

things and never ever have time to do

those things that we need to do to work

on ourselves and then there goes a

second that goes another second that

goes another second and we can't stop it

whole time and before you know it you

wake up one day and you're behind in

your dreams and your bills

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FOCUS ON YOURSELF - Best Motivational Quote  of 2020 Ethic Motivation

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