Eric Thomas - STAY TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE (Eric Thomas Motivation)

Eric Thomas - STAY TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE (Eric Thomas Motivation) Ethic Motivation: Motivational qoutes and speeches 

Eric Thomas - STAY TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE (Eric Thomas Motivation)

What do you got to do to separate


what time is that what time are they get


good so you need to be up at least by

what seven am I better than other

motivational speakers I don't know if

I'm more talented than them I just know

I get up to three o'clock and put my

videos on first I just know I do five a

day so if you're actually better than me

nobody will know I'm separating myself

I'm put my stuff out on Sunday night in

the shot but in the world is one day so

what are you doing to separate yourself

to three more talk to me what are you

doing wake up early I love it

what are you doing accountability coach

ain't got to tell you your mama ain't

got to tell your daddy ain't got to tell

you but that's what happened when you

got an entitled spirit and you think you

there already you don't hold yourself

for coming

just because a man is on top one day it

don't mean you gonna be on top forever

and just because you're not on top today

don't mean you ain't gonna be on top

forever like don't try to be something

you like don't listen to stuff on and

try to be something you not all right

don't be like a studio gangster right

for some of y'all you come from good

backgrounds like embrace that

some of y'all come from good homes good

parents you got two parents that you

created or you got your mom and your dad

both involved in your life your mom pray

with you and you get out the house

trying to act like you feel me look I'd

like I told you I'm from this side you

can look up my birth certificate I went

to school too in Detroit you can look it

up I don't gotta act like I'm hard

I don't gotta act like I'm nothing like

I'm going to be Who I am I don't care

how much money I got I don't care how

much fame I got we are humans be who you


bro whoever you are wherever you come

from you come from the suburbs you ain't

got a claim like you I'm saying like if

you from the north side of Chicago you

ain't got to be from the suburbs you

ain't gotta be like yo I'm from I'm from

the west side

you ain't gotta try to claim something

you not or be something you're not like

be comfortable in your own skin is what

I'm trying to tell y'all that's how I

blew up so I myself run I'm comfortable

with myself I'm about 510 with my shoes

off I'm comfortable do like are you sure

I'm comfortable marry 510 been married

30 years five ten two beautiful kids

five ten I don't need to be six six

that's your life I see do six tears like

you're wasting it you bragging about you

six hey you wasting the height I'm using

all my father brah I'm using all of it

not to be funny I never got beat up I

use all my 510 I ain't been broke I use

all my party I use my mouth I don't

dream to be five six phone I love my


y'all got started loving your life and

whether you make it to the league or not

you are not you are not who you are

because of the league you are who you

are because ( of who you are and if you

make it to the link then the league is

gonna be blessed with your presence are

you hearing what I'm saying

be comfortable who you are because the

world y'all poor if you come from a

family right now that's brother you you

that you got to your advantage I use

that to my advantage that I was a school

dropout that I was homeless that I trash


I love dealing with a dude who think

because he come for money you better

than me
Eric Thomas - STAY TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE (Eric Thomas Motivation)

let's go let's go you got money but do

you got that dog yeah you got money you

got pepper do you

that dog okay you got that stamina so

yeah you might have some model AB right

now but if I work hard I can have what

you add don't forget who you are don't

forget where you come from my last name

is Thomas I represent my stepfather who

stepped in my life because my old dude

in wonder pity I represent him I could

change my name if I wanted to but

everywhere I go I respect the man who

came in for me when my father wasn't

there for me my mom was 17 years old

high school they totally get in the

Porsche I respect my mom for not giving

me for up an abortion and so I respect

the last name everywhere I go I bring my

mom apply everywhere I go I bring my

sister's pride I bring my son's pride

everywhere I go I got kids the decisions

I make my son has to deal with the

decisions I make my daughter has to deal

with the cities I made your mom and

daddy and your family have to deal with

the decisions you make so tomorrow you

start training train like this you and

train like this this your life not a

game like this your life like this the

last opportunity only opportunity give

it everything you got and if you fail

you can at least do what come on you can

say what you try but if you don't want

then give 120% you not a made a man

don't always put forth effort and

accomplish his goals as men we fail to

we don't always do everything perfect

but if you're a real man you try

I've always been there I ain't trying to

tell you I'm the man cuz I got money I'm

the man because I have a responsibility

and I live up to my responsibilities I

give 120 percent of everything I do

that's all I'm asking you to do so when

you go out there stop playing yourself

don't disrespect this game don't

dishonor this game if you're gonna go

out there don't go out there with your

skill go( out there with skill and go out

there with will when you are who you say

you are you only have to try to act like

you are that you don't even need a

business car write that down

get to a point where you don't even need

no business cards write that down and if

they don't know you is because they're

not in there in a different industry and

they shouldn't know when you are so I

don't even get offended when people go

what up et another present go who's that

I'm like he in a different hit history

tonight he gonna say that's why y'all

know me because he don't necessarily

need the motivation

if are you feeling me so we want to

spend our energy on being what who you

so watch this I'm about to blow your

mind that's what the 1% is the 1% is

live on their own terms that's what the

1% is are the 1% of don't care about

what nobody else think they're not

concerned about with the people they're

not trying to impress nobody else no one

percenters all their energy goes into

being who they are that's it all right

I'm gonna show y'all something in a

minute it's gonna blow your mind is this

new competition going on how seeing it

all over the Internet

right so let's do this real quick let's

do this real quick I want to take my

time all right because I know some of

you didn't pay for VIP but I still want

to give you VIP experience all right so

you're gonna catch me right now you met

you know probably not gonna catch me in

the second half so I want to give you as

much as I can give me three or four

characteristics for real for real

don't try to be deep I'm not asking for

nothing deep we're gonna walk through

this what is a one percenter like what

makes it what what's the diff between a

1% like what do they have that most of

the world they don't have good

discipline good for okay write that one

Eric Thomas - STAY TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE (Eric Thomas Motivation)

that's the one that write down write

that one down first freedom write that

down let's take our time freedom what

kind of freedom financial freedom maybe

number two or three write that down time

is the first one when you and the 1% you

got you got time you got a lot you free

you got you on your own time and I

listen to me I'm not talking about those

of you who are self-employed that's

different you own you you work for

yourself but you still don't have time

you still gotta put in 12 13 hours a day

you can't get up when you want to get up

do what you want to do you still got to

go to work all right so so the number

one qualification for the 1% is they own

their own time good well so I don't know

money could be wealth could be one good

all right maybe two maybe I would say

three but we'll debate in a minute what

else do they have in terms of freedom

your creativity good we could put that

down somewhere I don't know where you

want to put it but they are super

creative super creative yeah somebody

else on that on the same one on freedom

good consistency are I'm looking for

some specific good faith okay

good faith good autonomy yeah they got

they own they own everything write that

down if you are in business but you

don't own it something's wrong you got

like you should have at least 51% here

I'm saying or whoever you wit is 50/50

I've decided chuckling 5050 right some

of you are doing things right now you

don't own it that makes sense you don't

own the product you might have like some

software that's killing the game but you

don't own the software so at any point

whatever you're doing if somebody wanted

to snatch that away from you they can

snatch that away does that make sense

how many you in a situation where you're

doing very well but you don't own the

thing that is bringing you in the income

let me see your head you don't own the

thing raise your hand high let's pray

jack good so that so that that's the

goal right so for those of us who live

in a house and we got electricity the

challenges you don't own the electricity

so you pay your electricity bill but if

the electricity company was just like

flat out no more we will like you and

we're gonna get lectricity more they

could just cut you off right that's what

that means all right here's the last one

that I want you to get relationships

right if you are in the 1% head girl if

you are the 1% right you have there's a

freedom that you have in relationship

you pick up the phone you make some

phone calls

all right good what else so we talked

about wealth we talked about time this

is the 1% autonomy right which is huge

right and so what I want you to do is

just check on these one check which ones

you have which ones you don't have this

real quick check which ones you have

which ones you don't have after you just

put a check next to the ones you have

right you don't put a check with the

ones you don't have we're gonna come up

with a plan and here's what here's what

broke people do broke people wake up

every day I focus on what

getting money getting what get money

right and I just told you if you get

money you don't necessarily have the

other stuff but if you own your own time

you got all of that if you own your own

time you can own your own time without

having all the other stuff so that's why

we're going we don't shift our focus

broke people wake up and like much money

do I need money you know you don't need

money when you're creative you don't

need money when you create you need

money when you broke when you create if

you don't need money why because you can

wake up and create something that can

make you ten million dollars if you

creative so you're spending so much of

your time trying to make money that

you're not focusing on what you supposed

to focus on so give me a scrap sheet of

paper and let's really write out what

would it look like you know I'm saying

what would what would what would my life

look like if I was really into 1% what

would it look like and again that's why

I said be careful because you can start

getting on the internet and you can

start making it look like something that

is not and I'm not telling you not to

market yourself I'm not telling you not

to be creative but I'm saying don't get

to a point where it's a thin line and

you lying to yourself and you're waking

up lying you're waking up doing

activities to make other people feel a

certain way and then you looked up and

your whole life knowledge become about

making people feel a certain way about


I'm telling you invest your time and

really making what you wrote down happen

so that that can happen and then they're

gonna see it there those of you in this

room please don't buy another pair of

shoes to impress somebody that don't

really like you please don't buy another

piece of a sensory for somebody that

don't like you please don't buy another

car to get people to affirm you that

don't really care about you can we make

the rent can we make a vow to make the

rest of your life about you and your

family don't buy nothing else for nobody

else don't go get yourself in debt don't

go buy nothing else

don't get nothing enlarge for somebody

who'll really care about you

I'm just being real like you're doing

all of that for somebody to affirm you

when at the end of the day they still

ain't gonna firm you over the stuff they

still only gonna love you for real for

real because of who you are because of (

who you are so can we get to a point

where we can just live an authentic life

because when si talked about the super

our that's what the superpower is when

he said no your superpower at the end of

the day your superpower is when you are

your authentic self that's your

superpower is when you're you if I'm

going to be like anybody else it's not

gonna work so any other speaker that get

up here I don't care what they say how

they say what they say I'm not gonna try

to say it I'm not gonna try to do it I'm

gonna be Who I am and at the end of the

day if you are your authentic self

that's the one percent there's one

percent of us that don't care about what

nobody else say or think about us we're

gonna be our authentic self that's what

the one percent is that's why I'm the

number one motivational speaker in the


it don't mean nobody else ain't number

one I'm number one why just because I'm

being myself so so before I go into

these quick principles I'm just being

real you have a better chance of being

your authentic self
Eric Thomas - STAY TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE (Eric Thomas Motivation)

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Eric Thomas - STAY TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE (Eric Thomas Motivation) Ethic Motivation: Motivational qoutes and speeches 

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