Eric Thomas - PASSION OVER MONEY (Eric Thomas Motivation)

Eric Thomas - PASSION OVER MONEY (Eric Thomas Motivation) Ethic Motivation 

Eric Thomas - PASSION OVER MONEY (Eric Thomas Motivation)

The reason why Sabin is where he is is

because nick saban eat sleep drinks

football that's all that's all he does

every day all day as a matter of fact

the WAC is conversations I've ever had

with one a one-percenter is Nick saving

why because when we sit down he doesn't

know how to do small talk it is the most

awkward conversation he try to make up

stuff I like Nick we talked last time

you asked me the same thing like do you

remember that I have children I don't

even think like it's like we start over

every time I see him all right he

doesn't know you don't repeat only

Remember Who I am

why because he eats sleeps drinks

football so I need you to understand why

do you do what you do so anybody that's

coming to the motivational speaking

realm and they're gonna try to take my

spot from be the number one motivation

speed in the world if all they're trying

to do is make money you don't stand a

chance with Aaron Thomas because my wife

has MS and I'm trying to make sure

she'll never go back to work again my

father wasn't in my life my grandfather

wasn't in his life I'm trying to make

sure that the family I put together that

we create a legacy so while you're

trying to do is get a check I'm gonna

kill you every day you will not have the

passion that I have you won't have the

energy you won't have the tenacity you

won't be able to get up when they punch

you in your face and like will punch you

in your face you don't stand a chance so

if you're trying to be in the 80% or the

20% you probably won't even bear to be

in the 20% with that attitude but if you

want to be a one-percenter you cannot do

it for money listen to me when you're

passionate about what you do money is

going to change you like like are you

passionate about it nobody ever gave you

another dime would you be able to do it

with the tenacity that you do it right

and if you say yes guess what you do not

have a problem of money so number one

you got to ask yourself why do you do
Eric Thomas - PASSION OVER MONEY (Eric Thomas Motivation)

what you do

what the 1% do is they they the reason

why they execute is because they focus

on the real minor stuff that nobody else

is paying attention to nobody else is

watching how do you do that like

vertical and horizontal communication

right so whatever skills you have when

you knock on the door you share those

skills with me but but the non 1% is

whether they do with great information

keep it you think it is giving you an

advantage but actually is giving you a

what it's a handicap let me tell you why

this nick saban says something deep to

his team he says that every year one of

our guys leaves and goes to another team

and they have our playbook they have our

strategy they have our scheme but they

not Alabama so even when they leave

they're not gonna be able to duplicate

what we do because when they leave and

go somewhere else now the team that

they're talking to is not the team we

talking to so now when they go they

might be the top dogs but they're not

talking to champions what makes us

different is that we still talking

amongst each other as champ they go into

a team that's trying to get where we are

we already here so what Nick understands

is I'm not demand collectively we

represent what makes us the greatest so

again why don't let's keep talking

for real for it why do you hold up right

why don't you share why don't we come

together on a regular basis amongst

ourselves not with the truth not with

the staff but we're coming together and

talking why don't we talk more months

ourselves and share what we're reading

what we're studying when in actuality it

is the duplicating of yourself that will

take you to the next level for the most

part a large majority of people work for

answer that question for me a large

majority of people take jobs and work


yeah but that's not the number one money

yeah so I'm just one more time so the

majority of people take jobs for good

the one percent does it all right so I'm

gonna give you guys a quick example so

and my wife brought this to my attention

the other day so we travel a lot so

there are car services and we try to use

we try to find a car service and use the

same car service in every city right we

try to find one that's international so

fortunately unfortunately did some work

for Forbes the other day and one of the

young men who was associated with Forbes

put me on to a new car company right so

my wife and I had a car come and they

gave us a new car company both car

companies and when we got out of the

second one to go to the airport my wife

said to me wow did you notice that and I

was like notice what she's like that you

noticed that this car service didn't

have any water I was like I didn't

really pay attention you know we weren't

ready for it I wasn't really paying

attention yeah they didn't have any they

have any water they didn't provide us

with any word I was like okay

she's like you also noticed that they

didn't have any wipes remember the first

one we got in he had the wipes coming

from both you know you had the with hand

sanitizer on the back of both seats I

was like wow yeah I didn't really pay

attention but she's like yeah that's

weird and this one I noticed that he had

a car seat in the back and there was

some like crumbs from whatever you

noticed the other guy had different

types of mints gum I was like yeah I

didn't notice that for sure and so the

first thing I want to say to you is that

the one percenters don't do what they do

for money they do they do it because one

they're passionate about what they do

right so it might seem small that the

guy had water he had two hand sanitizers

he had the mitts whatever and the other

guy didn't and here's the last thing my

wife said she said man I noticed the

last guy when he dropped us off he just

dropped us off the other guy dropped us

off grab the bags wouldn't let you touch

the bat he opened the door for me do me

a favor when we travel the next time can

we use the first service that that we

normally use I was like no problem

Eric Thomas - PASSION OVER MONEY (Eric Thomas Motivation)

so the guy who was doing it for money

lost the money just want you to imagine

that the guy that was doing it for money

lost the money but the guy that was

doing it because he's truly passionate

about transportation service and

providing a service for a person that

guy is actually going to get our

business back and watch this this is

what's so funny the guy who did it the

second time for us they actually did it

for free because they looked out for us

because they wanted us to come back and

try them whenever we're in New York and

even though it was free we're not gonna

be using them right because they were

doing it for money so I need you to do

me a huge favor

I need you to understand that what

drives you to do what you do it's also

going to determine how long you do it

and at what level you do it all right I

need you to understand that how long

you're gonna be doing it so some people

will be doing sales jobs and they'll go

through 15 16 different companies right

some of us will be doing we doing like

speaking and working with ETA and not

with you guys I'll be doing it for as

ever as long as I want to do it why

because I'm not doing it to make money

as a matter of fact I to be honest with

you there's nothing that I do that I

start with money I'm not saying anything

wrong with it but I never even start

there I start with what do you want me

to do and how can i play a significant

role because I don't even want to do it

if all I'm gonna do is get us a jack

like I'm not even interested in doing it

if all you're gonna do is give me money

I don't want to do it so I remember a

time when I found out that Tony Robbins

was a number one motivation speed in the

world I didn't I never knew who was who

but when I found out Tony Robb I was

like wow he's number one and I remember

people would call me and say Eric are

you available I'm like yeah well Tony

wasn't so he called you oh I felt good

about that I'm like whoa I'm coming

behind Tony Robert that's pretty sweet

I'm sure he can't do every gig that he's

called to do but then I remember sending

myself what have you go hard II and you

give it everything you have

I wonder could you be on the same level

as Tony Robbins

right and so I got on the same level and

not speaking but CJ brought to me the

other stuff that (

 he was doing and I was

like you know I have to become a better

person not a speaker but a better

businessman to get on his level to do

that right so I want you to just stop

for a minute and just ask yourself for

real for real

like what's driving you what's driving

you to do what you do what's driving you

and are you taking shortcuts right and

you are taking shortcuts if you're only

doing it for money and I'm just being

honest which I'm not playing so when I

tell you Nick Saban Michael Jordan

LeBron James Kyrie Irving what makes

them different is that they're all NBA

players but some of them kind of care

about the game more than they care about

the check

they've really honored the game itself I

honor my crap do you honor your crap as

a service man not a Salesman

do you out of your crap as a cell not a

Salesman but a service man that I'm

literally coming here to give you a

service so that's number one our focus

is not money and that's why we make more

of it I never have a problem with making

Eric Thomas - PASSION OVER MONEY (Eric Thomas Motivation)

- Josh point I'm probably saying no to a

few million a year just because I have

decided not to play the numbers game now

I talked to the can feels right you know

it's a jackhammer I talked to those guys

you know they told me they like y'all

eat back in the day we play the numbers

game so literally we did like 20 gigs a

month and we just racked it up and made

millions I could do that right now right

now I could play the numbers game but

I've decided that I don't necessarily

want to be I don't mind being on the

road for 30 days but I don't want to

speak every single day but I have been

able to make millions doing what I'm

doing and there's still more money to be

made if I wanted to make it exactly so I

want to help you the 1% they don't focus

on the money right they focus on the

passion right they don't focus on the

what they focus on the passion they

focus on the crap and if you were

focused on your crap

you'd be one of the best at what you do
Eric Thomas - PASSION OVER MONEY (Eric Thomas Motivation)

Eric Thomas - PASSION OVER MONEY (Eric Thomas Motivation)

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