Eric Thomas - THE POWER OF YOUR WHY (Eric Thomas Motivation)

Eric Thomas - THE POWER OF YOUR WHY (Eric Thomas Motivation) Ethic Motivation: motivational quotes and speeches

Eric Thomas - THE POWER OF YOUR WHY (Eric Thomas Motivation)

there those of you who don't understand

the power of your wife and what I need

you to do for me is that when you make

your moves on a daily basis I don't need

you to make them with you on your brain

because if you're thinking about you you

might quit what do you think about you

you might give me 80% right if you're

thinking about you like real you you own

you you selfish

like really some of y'all you go to work

and you like I don't feel like going to

work and the reason why you don't feel

like going to work as you want you

we didn't blow up because of what we do

we blow up because of the passion in

which we do what we do you not going to

get people to do it the way we do it

that's him hey we're not getting paid no


you got secret to success video - guru

enviro you got a rush you're wide and

went by a rope

you got the st. Louis boy that went

viral are you hearing me

greatness is upon you DeWitt them all

it's for free

so you're going to work with an attitude

and you don't get it you so selfish that

you can go with attitude because you're

not thinking about the people behind you

if you would think about your fence I

think about my son every time I think

about my son every single day

the reason why you stand noticed up the

reason why are you pushing the snooze

button the reason why you're still going

to work trippin the reason why you ain't

blow up is because ( you still own 70% you

still own 60%  ( you  want to know why the

world's passing you up because whatever

you do for a living (  you barely doing it

you coming and you don't want to be

there you're not bringing the fire

you're not bringing the passion you're

not bringing the heat and the reason why

you're not bringing because you're

thinking about you

my job is to be a priest a provider and

a protector that's my job

and that's your problem you have not

blown up because you're so self-centered

it's always  about  you you so conceited

you're so arrogant your whole life is

about you and that's why you haven't

gone nowhere

but when you learn to think about

somebody else how what you do affects

how you're sleeping in the bed affects

somebody else life how you hitting the

snooze button it's affecting somebody

else's life how you being lazy

she gotta walk ( past you to go to work

you still own that your mama got to get

up and go to work to provide for you

my mama worked for me I created a job so

when my mom finished working when she

retired from where she didn't want to be

she can now do what she liked to doing


come on come on come on I need you to

finish this year up strong so I can get

to reel you in 2017 we Tyler this

retired is 64 stick you

we child is crying you is complaining

you retire that is version greatness is

in you you are here you have been

blessed by the created to be on the

earth you here leave go go go

you hear he bless you to be here

do something

I wake up every single day I said God

everybody begging you for some what you

want everybody praying asking you for

stuff what do you want where do you want

me to go God who do you want me to talk

to who do you want me to change who do

you want me to check everybody praying

for cars and stuff what do you want how

can I please you today you get off for

you and get you a while Ryan you've been

doing me how long be you've been nor me

be mm some people think I just start

computer you like e tu l ete blowing up

he blowing up e see how long you've been

knowing I've been doing this it wasn't

the mm probably wouldn't even eight

ninety ninety-one somewhere around there

I've been doing we was doing a Tuesday

Thursday Sony's free on bail to out

right then I've been doing this what you

see is just all the stuff I gave away

he's coming back

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