Eric Thomas - KNOW YOUR TRUE VALUE (Eric Thomas Motivation)

Eric Thomas - KNOW YOUR TRUE VALUE (Eric Thomas Motivation) Ethic Motivation: motivational quotes and speeches

Eric Thomas - KNOW YOUR TRUE VALUE (Eric Thomas Motivation)

I don't care what kind of house you have

without lights without the microwave

without the stove that's right without

energy right it doesn't work so I want

you to miss favorite alright cuz we go

we gonna do the energy again but here's

what I want you to do I need you to

understand what energy does so when you

ask 70% energy you only produce at a 70%

level when you're at 90 percent you

produce at a different level when you

add 120 you produce it another level

Isis ass I got to share this with y'all

so that you understand where it comes

from so you can have a mother who is

being chased with her newborn baby with

a doll and she has the strength to make

that dog move but the very next day if

she's running by herself without that

dog without that child she may actually

not be able to move that dog so it's the

energy of her child that gives her a

courage that she doesn't have on her own

so the reason why I'm telling you I need

you to be energy and I need you to be

energized is because when you're

energized you can produce for you and

your family in a way that you can't

produce when you give us 70 80 % so

whatever you got to do you do it but I'm

not about to compromise because you've

inflicting pain and then those of you

you were this close but you compromise

you let your feelings get the best of

you you compromised you compromise you

let your anger make you say something

that you didn't really want to say you

let you let the fact ( that you was lonely

some of you have sold your greatness and

your destiny or a couple of dollars and

what I'm doing now (  I was doing 20 years

ago and I have not been I didn't break

so what you don't understand why I'm

doing what I'm doing so what you don't

see my greatness so what you don't

understand how I do what I do this is

what I've been called to

and under no circumstances will I

surrender under no circumstance will I


you can't change that you can't change

it and you let her live pain stopped you

from your dream girl it was there you

was running your business you were there

and your mama didn't like the fact that

you doing it your mama didn't understand

and you let your mom in your ear I think

what your mama's dream

you let your daddy talk (  you out of it

that was yours

that was something the creator gave to

you that belong to you my mother never

understood was she working for me now

I didn't quit because people didn't

understand I worked harder when people

didn't support me nobody's giving us a

thousand dollars to do we do to this day

we never stop I wake up every single day

this is not about you you selfish it's

not about you remember what I told you

this is about the next generation did

you hear Eric talk about you know his

wife is a part of it is his in-laws are

part of this his children are a part of

this and I'm out of fat whoever his son

was he was like we gotta meet meet me in

the back I got to meet you I got to take

a picture I'm taking your father's word

he'd been doing this name for 30 years

so you must be amazing so he mentioned

all of these individuals who are blessed

by this work

and guess what Erika's a human just like

you in this wealth that he's amassed

this company that he started listen to

me very closely you can do the exact

same thing for your family so we start

not with you and your house and with

your car and your stuff we start with

the next generation and the next

generation and the next generation like

like we start with generational wealth I

want you to be so good at what you do

that the next generation the next

generation the next generation are not

only financially successful but they

have the blueprint to be successful in

any area of their life now now you have

to understand where I come with this

mindset I'm from Detroit Chicago

originally but for the most part I grew

up in Detroit and listen to me very

closely there's a there's a family that

they will never work again because of

the work that their grandfather put in a

great grandfather a great great

grandfather years ago and his name was

Henry Ford and because of the work and

because of the creation and the

innovation of this man now his family

owns the Lions and that pretty much the

city and buildings in real estate and

opportunity so they never have to work

again because of what their grandfather

did I literally want you to look at this

company and I want you to see it as the

opportunity for you to create

generational wealth for even the unborn

this to me you got to hear me the work

that you put in from now on is gonna be

bigger than the car big doubtless to me

if you work to take care of the next two

or three generations all that other

stuff is going to be added

but if you make money and you don't do

it the right way then each generation if

I have to start all over again

and I need you to really think about

what I'm about to say why are you here

like no literally why are you here I

know why I'm here alright twenty years

of experience and they're a group of you

who have a poverty mindset they're those

of you who have a workman's mindset and

I know because I grew up in Detroit

blue-collar and I remember when I told

my mom I wanted to be an entrepreneur

and she almost lost it fainted and died

she said a who said an entreprenuer she

said an entreprenuer dude do they have

life insurance that's odd I don't know

my that's not where I'm starting so I

know no do you have a 401k I was like no

she's like is it is it secure right now

had I known ( what I know now I would have

told her as secure as for it is as

secure as GM and as secure as Chrysler

which we thought would be around forever

until we had the depression about maybe

eight years ago and so what my mom

thought was secure wasn't even secure

and so it was tough for my mom when I

said entrepreneur she tried to talk me

out of it son entrepreneur like get a

real job right so I'm here to talk to

those of you who are you're in this but

you're not in it

no hear what I'm saying there those of

you who signed up there those of you who

may I'm sorry I wouldn't call it a

commitment you're interested in the

business and then there are those who

are committed and then there are those

who are fully committed and my job today

is to get you to fully commitment right

my job is to get you to fully commitment

now look I'm gonna be honest with you

guys I'm a little jealous I'm a little

jealous because the industry that I got

into I didn't I didn't have an Eric and

I didn't have a person with 30 years of

experience and I didn't have a person

with backing and with a blueprint as a

matter of fact 2006 when I started my

entrepreneurial journey it was on

YouTube right listen to me very closely

and you too was new and and you too

wasn't given bonuses in you too wasn't

given 401k said you too wasn't given

insurance but I made a commitment every

single Monday that I was going to give

the world a hundred and twenty percent I

showed up every single Monday and said

thank God is Monday and I put out

content as an entrepreneur I just gave

120 percent I said bring it from the Bob

thank God it's Monday and video after

video after video after video after

video after video after video and then

people started loving it and then I

started going for Monday's to every day

and I went from everyday to two times a

day from every day two times a day to

three times a day it became the number

one motivational speaker in the world

see what happened was I went from being

interested to commit it to fully


it doesn't matter it doesn't matter if

you somewhat committee it only matters

if you're fully committed and when I

became fully committed to doing videos

fully committed to getting better fully

committed to make an adjustment but I

literally became one of the best

motivational speakers in the world

because I went from being interested in

doing it to committed to doing it to

fully commit it I want you to ask

yourself where are you and that's

fraction where I where would you place

yourself am i interested in this am I

committed to this or am I fully

committed to this I want you to write

that down now here's a scary part that

whatever you write down and whatever

your reality is that next generation is

only going to benefit based on what you

just wrote down you are enough just like

you are you don't need no know you'll

need another soup

I know it was like I need a computer

I need the updated computer with all the

software with the bells and whistles

listen to me very closely the way you

were created you don't need nothing else

everything you need for your success you

have it

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