BECOME THE BEST YOU CAN BE - NEW Motivational quote 2020

BECOME THE BEST YOU CAN BE - NEW Motivational quote 2020 Ethic Motivation: Motivation quotes and speeches

BECOME THE BEST YOU CAN BE - NEW Motivational quote 2020 Ethic Motivation: Motivation quotes and speeches

Sometimes you have to know what you're

fighting for sometimes people can't see

the inside sometimes people don't know

how much hard work you put in but when

it comes time to battle you must think

about each and every day that you put

that hard work in and you can't let them

win the battle mentally because you

can't be beat it doesn't matter how big

or bad you think you are life will knock

you down but you have to realize that

there's something greater that you're

fighting for there are people who are

depending on you your friends your

family and your loved ones but you have

to have that mindset not that you're

just great not that you can or can't be

the champion but in life it's about

others and giving back to those who sold

into you the sweetest success in life

comes when you find a strength to

overcome all the stress in our strife

see (please) life will cut you like a knife but

you were made to heal from your wounds

you were made to stand strong in the

face of monsoons and typhoons you were

made to shoot for the stars and reach

for the moon you were made to be special

and unique so it's okay if you dance to

a different tool it's okay if you see

things different than others it's okay

if you eliminate people from your circle

when you're on the road to success you

will have downfalls you will have times

where you hurt you will have people who

talk about you you will have those hard

days but in those moments that's what

makes you great that's what take you

from greatness to being a legend it's

okay if you make mistakes along the way

as long as you retain the wisdom because

champions like you own their mistakes

and never ever play the victim see

victory requires countless hours of

preparation hearts and dedication cause

it's the real passion and desire that

creates that separation and that's why

you never fizzle but always sizzle like

bacon cuz you're so hot that you're

blazing and after all the pain that you

overcame you truly deserve to be raising

your arms up as a champion because the

champion and you never let you stop the

champion and you knew you were exhausted

but would never let you drop the

champion and you wouldn't let you run

from the messes in your life it simply

made you go get a mop sometimes you have

to fight when you can't fight anymore

when you don't know where else to turn

look with thee find that inner champion

BECOME THE BEST YOU CAN BE - NEW Motivational quote 2020 Ethic Motivation: Motivation quotes and speeches

there is always another level that you

can (can) reach this is just a battle and you

will overcome see if you make your mind

believe I promise your body will follow

cause to tap into your greatness your

inside can never be Hollow you can't be


you got to be hard like the shell of a

taco because the sour taste of failure

can be a hard pill (sometimes) to swallow but it's

necessary and only those that are

mentally tough can power through the

rigors of setback and stomach the harsh

reality of defeat fall down again and

again and continuously get back up and

dust off the loss we never lose

champions learn from it get determined

and burn from it because they know if

they never quit that they will come when

they can earn from it and that's why

they always grind and churn from it

because the thought of next-level

success gives them all the fuel they

need and that's what makes them yarn

from it see a champion in you it's

begging to be released from its cage the

champion in you it's ready to shine and

take center stage the champion in you

it's wrapped in engaged and ready to

help you make the necessary adjustments

and turn that page the champion in you

instead of forced you to overcome all

your fear and be brave because your

inner warrior knows that the uncomfort

of the day leads to the relaxing comfort

Amaro and success cannot be borrowed it

must be purchased and that means that's

very little time for whiny pools what

was me a sorrow is sex acute and grind

BECOME THE BEST YOU CAN BE - NEW Motivational quote 2020 Ethic Motivation: Motivation quotes and speeches

the champion in you will never let you

make excuses and will force you to find

time which leads to massive success

sunny skies and shine time this is a

great day to win

I am no different from you I've trained

myself to not let anything get to me

it's kind of like an athlete getting

ready for a big game it took a year

after year of me telling myself I will

be great I won't let anything stop me

and I won't let anything change my mood

so yes I have emotions but I've trained

myself (ethic motivation) not to go off how I feel there is

nothing on no one that can hold me back

from being great that's what you have to

tell yourself (please) but that's what you have

to train yourself to be

never doubt yourself never look down on

yourself but look up and see how far you

can go

success is at the end of the tunnel and

greatness is waiting for you you've been

in many battles before but this right

here it may seem like you can't win and

you think back to those who are great

before you and you can fill it inside in

the blood of your veins that greatness

is inside and you come back to reality

and there's a force that takes over that

supersedes the mind and the body and it

takes you to an atmosphere that you've

never been to and that's when you know

you found the legendary status inside of

yourself but until you get to that

moment fight with everything you have

even if it feels like you down and out

you've got time to get up and get back

in the fight

you have to train yourself to do you

have to train yourself to think you have

to train your emotions

your emotions were huge if you live it's

not the way you act on the outside the

battle the real battle is on the inside

right now

you're thinking about am i that person

am i someone who thinks negative about


am i someone who thinks bad about every


am i someone who can uplift others I

tell you what the decision is yours from

this moment forward your change starts

today I don't care where you are in your

life I don't care if you're a teacher if

you're a student if you're a coach if

you're a player if you're a business

worker if you're a CEO or if you're

working somewhere from a nine-to-five it

doesn't matter but the only thing that

matters is that you train yourself to be


that you train yourself to be positive

that you train yourself to think the

best thoughts about yourself it doesn't

matter this situation it doesn't matter

how bad your life looks right now this

is not the end you have the key to your

mind nobody else so if you stayed locked

in the mode that you're in and you never

change it's on you but I'm telling you

right now you have a choice you have a

decision you have to make up your mind

right now at this moment because there's

a better life for you not on the outside

but on the inside and it's waiting to be

BECOME THE BEST YOU CAN BE - NEW Motivational quote 2020 Ethic Motivation: Motivation quotes and speeches

BECOME THE BEST YOU CAN BE - NEW Motivational quote 2020 Ethic Motivation: Motivation quotes and speeches

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