BE A CHAMPION new motivational qoutes 2020

BE A CHAMPION new motivational qoutes 2020 Ethic Motivation 

BE A CHAMPION new motivational qoutes 2020

You run around with losers you will end

up a loser unconsciously

unconsciously you will pick up their

ways you'll pick up their habits you'll

pick up most importantly their attitude

about life if you around cynical

negative people all the time you will

become cynical and negative so you got

to watch yourself many of us are living

out the lives of other people living out

their conclusions living out of their

consciousness the other thing is that

you begin to look at looking at your

life and looking at what it is that you

want to achieve another crucial thing

that you must do is align yourself with

powerful people align yourself with

people that can encourage you people

that can empower you people that you can

learn from people that you can grow from

you want to align yourself with people

who think like you people who dream like

you people who want more out of life

people that are stretching and searching

and seeking some higher ground in life


see it's easy to be on the bottom it

doesn't take any effort to be a loser

doesn't take any motivation any Drive in

order to stay down there in a low level

but it calls on everything in you ladies

and gentlemen you have to harness your

will to say I'm going to challenge

myself sometimes I have to pull myself

out of Mantic come on less things I know

I should do I don't do things I

shouldn't do I do I found that the

biggest enemy you have to deal with is


we're talking about two grown people

somebody's got to surrender you're

talking about will now you're talking

about art now you're not talking about

physicality you're not talking about how

you look you're not talking about how

strong you are you're not talking about

how tall you are how fit you are you're

talking about will you're talking about

when you get to the point where it's two

people and somebody gotta tap out before

the other person taps out will parts

and so it is a mentality staying I love

about Michael Jordan with Michael Jordan

play Michael Jordan had the flu he still

put up 38 points he played every single

minute took a break and got some data

ready and came back got some water came

back right because he understood I got a

wart this thing and I can't take a deal

like if I don't play this playoff game

there might not be another playoff game

and so what I need you to understand

when you do what you do listen to me I'm

not talking about what you do there

because what you do there has absolutely

nothing to do with making that person

surrender what you do there has

everything to do it what time you wake

up what is it that you're doing right

now that would be a liability for you as

you begin to look toward the future and

take inventory of yourself what is it

about you right now that you've got to

leave this behind because this no longer

fists looking at where you want to go

and the kind of person that you must

become the kind of standards that you

have for you what is it that you must do


unless you change the way you're

thinking unless you change your behavior

you're gonna continue to produce the

results in your life see all of us the

winners because some of us are producing

results that we don't want and so all

you have to look at your game plan look

at your (  strategy how is it that you have

been being what is it that you've been

doing to produce this so you have a

director you are the producer you're

writing the script you're the star of

your life and as you begin to look at

your life you can decide whether or not

it's a smash or where the not it's a

flop that's in your hands look at your

life look at where you want to go don't

worry about your circumstances don't

worry about your age

do you want to make this your decade

you've got to start saying yes to your

life you've got to start saying yes to

your dreams yes to your unfolding future

yes to your potential so you've got to

make a conscious deliberate determined

effort to say ( yes to your dreams why not

why not me don't spend time like most

people going through life complaining

use that energy to get up from then move

on and get on with your life

you got to ( learn to let the past go so

BE A CHAMPION new motivational qoutes 2020

you can grow many people never act on

their dreams because they allow their

past experiences to determine what their

possibilities are whatever you've done

in the past that's not a reflection of

your possibilities that's just a

reflection of your consciousness that's

just a reflection of your development

and your growth the future is unfolding

for you right now the future is

unlimited for you right now no one knows

where you can go no one knows what your

path what you're capable of what's

possible for you it has everything to do

with how you eat it has everything to do

with how you work ( out how you prepare it

has every single thing to do it how you


it has every single thing to do with

nothing right about this but everything

you do as you're getting prepared for

that and when you want as bad as you

wanna breathe says I'm willing to make

any sacrifice I wanted to go through any

pain I want to go through anything

suffering I'm willing to go through

whatever it take so we're not getting

there and it's me and him one on one

that I guarantee ( you at the end of it I

won't be the one that surrender nobody

goes in there ( to lose you both want the

exact same thing you both got family out

BE A CHAMPION new motivational qoutes 2020

you both got friends out there you go

you both got people who invested their

time and their resources and their

wisdom and that you both got guys out

there who at the end of the day want to

smile but but but at the end of the day

the person that will surrender is the

person that didn't work as hard as the

other person

I guarantee you that its trainer and

said he did this and he did die he did

this and he did that I guarantee you

that this person just started doing this

for the first time and some of you in

here you on the upswing like for real

you trying to get back you're trying to

get back to a certain place you're

trying to you're trying to make a name

for yourself and I'm telling you this is

the opportunity to do it but what do you

have to do you got to work harder than

the other person no one could have

convinced me that I was able to do this

we have the power to change our personal

history changing the direction of our

lives changing our thoughts changing

where we want to go exploring new

horizons so you begin to look at this

decade and affirming that this is your

decade as you set goals that will make

you stretch that will bring out the best

in you and you begin to remove the

negative toxic people from your life as

you decide to take some chances in life

and that's one of the things that's very

important viscosity if you're not

willing to risk you cannot grow and if

you cannot grow you cannot become your

best and if you cannot become your best

you cannot be happy and if you can't be

happy and what else is there

so just when you felt like you did that

last rep and your muscles are saying

this I can't do the more reps you say I

can hear you got a deal

cuz right now why are you quitting he

might be doing five more why are you

quitting and giving up while you saying

alright I did enough it's time to rest

he might just be getting he might just

be getting his old

the harder you (  work the harder it is to


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BE A CHAMPION new motivational qoutes 2020 Ethic Motivation 

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