Never Allow Your Fears Determine Your Fate - Motivational speech

Never Allow Your Fears Determine Your Fate - Motivational Speech

fear false evidence appearing real

being afraid of something that has not

yet happened and may never happen based

on past thoughts beliefs and


throughout this world that leaves only

two kinds of people those who have

conquered their fears and those who are

living their fears those who are living

their fears and those who are living

their dreams because they had the

courage to take on their fears what is

the number one killer of dreams what do

you think is the number one reason the

majority failed to live a life they

loved what is the number one reason why

people fail to succeed at any level it's

not luck it's not lack of money or

opportunity it's certainly not

circumstance it's fear fear is the

greatest killer of dreams that ever

roamed planet Earth fears that voice

inside you that's this you tamed the

voice that gets louder and stronger

every time you list

every time you let fear dictate your

decision fear grows talk fear grows

bigger fear is the voice of average the

voice of the settler

fear must die

we'll die the only way you can change is

a step right into your fear you must

step why interfere

you must sum up all the courage inside

you and do the thing you fear most

Theo you may come your greatest fears

may be realized and that is why you go

in with the attitude that you will do

whatever it takes to conquer that fear

no matter how many times I fail no

matter how many times I feel rejected

out I will not give up I will keep at it

until my greatest fear dies I will stand

toe-to-toe with fear fear will die my

largest fear carries my greatest growth

I will never let my (  fears decide my fate

Never Allow Your Fears Determine Your Fate - Motivational speech

bigger than any fear fear has no place

within my heart

fear has no place within your heart fear

is conditioned into us from a young age

many don't pay attention to the stages

of fear be careful you can't do that

play it safe

these consistent fearful thoughts add up

live inside us and form our psychology

which foremost turns into inaction for

most turns into average for most turns

into settling for like they aren't

passionate about living fear will die

it's time to take back control we

overcome our fevers

something that is more painful than your

feet if you have a fear of failure to

stop you from going all-out and

achieving it painful thought might be

disappointing your family what about

your kids seeing you settle for a write

you don't want and knowing they will

follow in your footsteps may be a

greater pain would be the thought of

getting to the end of your life and

knowing you've never really lived

it's just exist you gotta I need you to

really feel that pain think about feel a

deep emotional connection to the pain

write down why you won't settle for that

pain anymore write down why you must

conquer this fear once and for all why

you bust what would be worse than your

fear we say it all the time

what is your reason you have to have a

strong enough reason why you must they

say if you have a spelled enough why the

how will come the results will come why

must you do this be more fearful of what
Never Allow Your Fears Determine Your Fate - Motivational speech

it will cost you if you don't do it be

more fearful

if you don't take that shit be more

fearful of how won't you back the lives

of their loved ones if you don't take


what will it cost you what about a few


what about a few conquer eat how will it

improve your life

who else will benefit she will not stop

me is my desire to win is strong enough

will not stop me

I'm in charge I live without fear I fear

nothing but a mediocre life

I fear nothing but an average existence

but an unlived life I choose to live

free three now

in charge

what would ( you do if you had no fear


why are you waiting

walk me through like that mindset like

how you built yourself back up well I

mean fitness was something that I got

into at a young age and you know always

carried me to whatever job I had you

wanted construction it was manual labor

when I ended up in the infantry that fit

in perfectly into that world because

it's very physical and when I was

injured and went through that depression

and was struggling I knew that I was

always happier when I was healthier so

that was one of the things that got me

into changing my eating habits getting

back in the gym which wasn't easy at all

I mean I tell people all the time what

what that actually showed me was a side

of fitness that I was not used to being

that person walk to the gym that was

insecure didn't want people to see me

struggling but I had to get over that

and you started going late at night

right I did yes because I wasn't you

know there's a lot I meet people all the

time we'd meet them all the time people

that want to get in shape but they're

worried about joining the gym what

they're going to do and I got to

experience that but then as I started

exercising and feeling better then I

didn't care what time of day I win then

I started using that to my advantage

where I tell people you know I had to

convince myself I was doing what others

can not in an arrogant way just with to

myself right because they're you no

matter what gym you go to there's always

somebody bigger stronger faster but I

could stand there and have a guy next to

me that is bigger than me and think but

could he do it missing on my leg I mean

deep down I hope he could but I have to

have you have to give yourself that

mentality that you're doing what other

people came when I meet someone who

bears with obesity I say well then you

have struggles ahead of you so you will

earn that and appreciate it more and so

I think that mindset of doing what other

people can't is what really drives me to

want to do the best you struggled so

much in your journey to get going again

there I'm guessing there was some

process to your self-talk to how you

were framing the world that allowed you

to get moving well I mean this isn't on

the same mindset of that

Never Allow Your Fears Determine Your Fate - Motivational speech

doing what others can't my main thing

that happened was my I am very close to

my kids have three kids or 712 and they

are my motivation when I was going into

the gym in the beginning I tell people

all the time you have to have something

stronger than your fear and mine were my

children the day that I walked out in

the living room and my three kids were

sitting there and I knew that I was

showing my two boys what a man is and

that's what they're gonna grow up to be

and I was showing my little girl how a

man is supposed to be and that's what

she's only poor one day I knew I had to

make a change and I admit to people I

talked about in my book I'm very open

and honest he did not happen overnight

just because I had that realization that

I had to be better it didn't just happen

I would make a mistake puff out of my

face but it was the thought of them that

got me up and going and it was the

thought of them that pushed me through

those beginning workouts getting back

into shape doing whatever it was and

pushing myself to be better I tell you

all the time you have to have something

stronger than your fears and for me it

is my kids and I use that in whether

it's Fitness running a race business

whatever it is we all get scared that's

what makes things exciting but you have

to have something stronger that say you

know what I may be afraid to do this but

there's something more important that I

have to do this for well have you ever

encountered somebody that doesn't have

kids or they don't immediately know what

that thing is like they really want it

they want to get in shifts they don't

know it's not easy but I mean you have

to there's something in all of our lives

that is important to us you know

whatever that is I don't think there's

anything wrong with someone saying you

know what I want to have a big house in

a sports car whatever it is you've got

to want it bad and you know I am big on

with my kids and other kids and I've

always told people they probably have

nieces or nephews or someone near them

that looks up to them and that's what

you have to go off of there is someone

watching you may only be a child there

was someone watching you that you were

motivate like I love the fact that I

ended up you know in the spotlight and

now my story reached more and more

people but if you just motivate one

person that is a world of difference for


and that's what people have to keep that

mindset I was like you know when you do

things you're not just doing it for

yourself you're doing for someone else

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