STOP QUITTING ON YOUR GOD GIVEN GIFT - NEW Motivational Speech (Eric Thomas)

STOP QUITTING ON YOUR GOD GIVEN GIFT - NEW Motivational Speech  (ft. Eric Thomas) Ethic Motivation

STOP QUITTING ON YOUR GOD GIVEN GIFT - NEW Motivational Speech  (Eric Thomas)

what is your victory point what is that

thing that clicks in your mind your body

and your spirit when you know that

you're living out your purpose as a

child I always wondered why I studied

Kobe Bryant because his mindset not that

he was just great but I saw something

within him at an early age but I knew

there was something inside of me that

can relate to it's that I never give up

and I'll fight when everyone else is

down when everyone else gives up I will

keep going you have to find your victory

point but not just him but other

individuals that you can relate to that

you can look up to that can help

motivate you another person was Martin

Luther King he could have lived his life

without standing up for individuals of

the minority he could have went on about

his way he kept his mouth closed

where he knew he would be talked about

he knew he will be hurt he knew and he

wouldn't be treated right but he spoke

up for those people who did have a voice

what are you doing to give back to those

individuals who don't have a voice you

may be hurt you may be going through


you may have just gotten fired from your

job today you may have lost a local I

tell you there is hope for tomorrow

tomorrow is a brighter day but today you

have to deal with the problems and the

situations that you go through go

stronger just another day

your breakthrough is almost here

you need ( to go one more rep just as hard

as your last one because your

competitors are trying to outwork you

today right now ( stay in that gym just a

few minutes long go just a little arm

and you will come out on top of the

victory you may be an owner or CEO and

the company may be on downfall but that

doesn't mean throw in the towel today

keep going a little stronger hold on

just a little wah wah

I'm telling you your breakthrough it's

right around the corner you can't seem

to find a job well you don't know what

to do mix their jobs come

don't lose your faith don't give up

don't quit right through this storm

because on the other side there's summer

there's hope so you will know what it is

once you make it and you can help

somebody make it to the other side

you've got to take a few more steps

before you can see just the tip of the

iceberg and being you will have the

faith to fight through everything you're

going through do you believe as a human

being not in a braggadocious way but

that you are the greatest level of all

creation so as a human do you believe

you were just born to being a

relationship have sex and have money and

buy stuff your DNA is in your dream

your DNA is in your dream your DNA your

genetic information is in your dreams

who you are as a person and so what this

society will do is tell you you need to

be on The Oprah Winfrey Show and until

you get an Oprah show you're nobody you

got to have a best-selling book if you

don't have a best-selling book you're

nobody you were bored great guys and you

got to start looking within not without

it when the ( alarm clock goes off in the
STOP QUITTING ON YOUR GOD GIVEN GIFT - NEW Motivational Speech  (Eric Thomas)

morning and you ain't happy about you

ain't doing what you want if your job

makes you sick to go to if you're

unhappy with waking up to go to where

you got to go it's because you ain't

living in your gift your gift will make

room for you now what is your gift it's

the thing that you do the absolute best

with the least amount of effort that's

your gift quit running away from the

gift your gift will make room for you

stop trying to be something you ain't

gifted at the mindset of a champion

quote you may see me struggle but you

will never ever see me quit see they

want to see you break down and life will

put you to the test each and every day

but what I want to know is

what's your heart like what's your wheel

like what's your desire like do you

stand up in the face of adversity or do

you crack under pressure

see the real ones those that reside in

that 1% zone those that reach Heights

that you can only imagine those that

make you feel like they're not human

beings they must be of something else

they must be cut from a different cloth

because I don't get it

welcome I can't achieve at that next

level that's because your heart that's

because your passion that's because your

will that's because the desire is

lacking you have something that you

brought to the universe and that if you

decide that my life deserves my

developing this what I do well and

becoming the best at it in mastering

myself and seeing what I have within me

the first time life punches you in the

mouth the first time life punches you in

the jaw you stay down for the count

there's no quit in my DNA and there

should be no quit in your DNA see

there's no quit in the DNA of those that

achieve a massive amount of success

here's the deal if you get to the top of

the tree all the people in the bottom of

the top is gonna be their son so I don't

need you focusing on cars and money and

stuff you're gonna get dads I need you

to focus on why you were born in the

first place why are you here on earth

for this particular time what are you

doing here

and most of y'all chasing stuff you

don't realize your dreams are so

important because your DNA who you are

as a person it's wrapped up in your

dream and what this round is done to you

is take that from you because they know

if you know who your drew you are and

you get your drink you're probably not

going work for most of them here's the

harsh reality you're just not good

enough yet as brian tracy said your true

success in life begins only when you

make the commitment to become excellent

at what you do this is the gap that I

see in most people's lives they've not

yet made the commitment to become

extraordinary and the reason that they

haven't made that commitment yet is they

don't believe that they can they're

afraid of what it might take to get

there they just don't want it enough

that's the reality most people don't

want it enough to face all of that they

don't want to face their inadequacies

they don't want to accept that they're

gonna have to go through that process

that gut wrenching back-breaking process

of becoming great and every day lulls

them into this sense that there's always

time to do it tomorrow but the reality

is there is only now there is only today

and if you really want to do something

with your life that leaves your own jaw

on the floor that leaves you in awe of

what you've done you're going to have to

STOP QUITTING ON YOUR GOD GIVEN GIFT - NEW Motivational Speech  (Eric Thomas)

you're not yet good enough you've got to

put in that work that you've got to

develop a set of skills that simply

can't be denied but if you do that on

the other side of getting that good and

falling in love with something and

working so hard that you can feel

yourself changing as a human being on

the other side of that is something

unimaginably beautiful and as Les Brown

said if you set goals and go after them

with all the determination you can

muster your gifts will take you places

that will amaze you that's what I want

in my life and I hope that's what you

want in yours is to be amazed to be

amazed at how extraordinary this life

really is this opportunity to make of

yourself anything you want to be really

think about that for a second you can

become anything you want to become you

can become an astronaut a world-class

athlete a musician the best parent that

this world has ever seen anything you

want is yours for the taking

but it takes effort it takes a

willingness to stare naked Liat your

inadequacies it takes a willingness to

really gut check yourself about where

you are today and it doesn't mean that

you can't go and be something better

tomorrow and falling in love with that

process that knowing that being a human

and really getting the most out of your

potential is nice to know that tomorrow

I can be better than I am today and that

doesn't make you a bad person today it's

okay to know that you can be better

tomorrow and still love yourself today

but it's also okay to love yourself

today and demand that you get better

tomorrow and once you can do that there

is literally nowhere you can't go
STOP QUITTING ON YOUR GOD GIVEN GIFT - NEW Motivational Speech  (Eric Thomas)

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STOP QUITTING ON YOUR GOD GIVEN GIFT - NEW Motivational Speech  (ft. Eric Thomas) Ethic Motivation

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