Eric Thomas - YOU ARE NOT ALONE (Eric Thomas Motivation

Eric Thomas - YOU ARE NOT ALONE (Eric Thomas Motivation Ethic Motivation: motivational quotes and speeches

Eric Thomas - YOU ARE NOT ALONE (Eric Thomas Motivation

you are not alone I thought because my

biological father wasn't in my life I

thought I was alone I thought because

you know I had teachers that didn't si

si my gifting is that I was alone listen

to me very closely that is the biggest

lie you are not alone

number one you're not the only person

that has ever gone through it number two

you're not the only person that's gone

through it that's gonna get through it

the number three you're not the only

person that's gonna rewrite your story

there are other people who have

rewritten s : you still have a

phenomenal life

are you hearing what I'm telling you we

all we talked about that we all human

but you are not alone

you think Michael Jackson saying that

song he was trying to impress you

he was going through it and trying to

get on the other side of it so Mike said

one of his greatest hit you are not

alone I am here with you though we're

far apart we leave with our heart you

are in my heart we're not alone we go

online right now say we struggling with

whatever we struggling with there's a

community waiting for us

so I need you to connect with that

community when you leave today whatever

your thing is I need you to leave and I

need you to get online I need you to

talk to each other or commit or do a

support group amongst yourself and I

need y'all to support each other because

people need to understand we are not


I will get to a place in my life that

when you ask me et what do you do

professionally I will tell you that I

energize I am a performer performance

enhancer I'm the juice

you walk him out you you you come in my

room diamond out when you leave you

ready to run through a wall it took me

years to be able to say one word or one

phrase to get people to understand I

develop people personally and

professionally I develop

so I want you to speak it out loud I

used to say I have a problem being

linear it takes me too long to say well

one person because I would be like whoa

that's deep

so my ask my man a question ten seconds

he would answer they would ask me I'd be

like a million fifty like I can't get it

I'm trying to sensei I'm trying to

narrow this thing down

that somebody came up to me like what's

going on yes I know I'm struggling with

okay let's go through some exercises I

could help

I'm still not where I want to be and I'm

a whole lot better let me give you an

example somebody say II in your

conference you charging two thousand

dollars when you come to Phoenix like

I'm thinking about doing day - but it's

$2,000 brother like what's the dinner

between then he won a day - I was liking

day - we gonna customize he's like

customer I love idea call me Tony Stark

I said see Superman whether he got on

that outfit or not he's still Superman

he was born with natural abilities you

weren't born there executed you're not


I'm Tony Stark I'll make a suit that

will make you a super executor and then

for those of you who really know Tony

Stark's he just didn't make himself a

suit he made spider-man see and I'll be

your Alfred Batman you are a normal


I'll make your suit your car your more

he's like yo where do I sign up he I'm

dumb all over the place

I need that customized I got you boom I

know how to say anyway now we're

simplifying some I can understand it 30


but I had to speak up and say I'm gifted

but I'm not linear I'm gifted but I'm

not focused and I need laser folk I'm

focused but not laser focused and this

light is focused but a laser can cut can

do surgeon because the laser focus is

different than focus I knew what my

problem was I knew if I said it openly I

could get help all right so the first

thing I need you to do is I need you to

prepare yourself weekly all right so I

need you every single week to wake up

and during the process of that week I

need you to have a sense of urgency and

something has to get done in that week

all right so I just write this down so

there should never be a week in your

life that you're just going through the

motions like every single week there

should be something specific that you're

trying to accomplish all right and then

there should be something monthly that

you're trying to accomplish all right

every single minute of the day we should

be unleashing our gift on somebody

somebody I know we're gonna talk about

this in a minute but I know what my

superpower is CJ cause the sue Fowler I

know what my superpower is so when I get

in that elevator with you you may not

speak but I'm speaking why cuz that's my


alright somebody like he why are you

speaking of them and asking you I'm I

don't live my life based on what other

people do I live my life based on my

superpower so when I speak to people

people are my superpower

so there's another human in the building

huh you get it alright so so I wake up

every morning I'm going to unleash my

gift but then I have to have a goal

because if I'm not careful I'm just

unleashing my gift without a goal it

just is not going nowhere so I have to

get my goal my gift I have to give it a

sense of purpose a sense of order a

sense of direction

alright so every day when you get up

you're weak to have a direction that

this is what you're seeking to get done

in that week this is how much money you

should make come on somebody look look

the reason why the hundred thousand

dollars a week didn't come to you

because you didn't assign it to come you

so so every day every week every month

every quarter every year you should have

a destination for your time for your

money for your relationships

alright you like Mikey is bad no don't

say your kids are bad you're in your

mind decide what you want them to do

what you want them to be right where you

want them to go and then you just keep

speaking at

alright so for somebody at the end of

this event what are you hoping what


what do you hoping would happen right

look I asked somebody in Dallas my man I

had multiple people one dude just came

up to me put 500 dollars in my pocket

I'm like ok I'm cool with that

but what do you hope would happen with

this seed that should give you so you

just gave me $500 for a reason what do

you know I don't need $500 right so I

have a destination for it I already know

who I'm going to give it to because I

know who needs it but I want to know why

did you give it to me what are you

hoping what happened with this seed that

you're giving all right that's the first

thing I need to do cuz I got some slides

I don't need you to waste my slides

got you got to grow up and you got to

remove them I don't know what it is how

you grew up you just feel like you gotta

look out for people ain't looking out

for you what happens with parasites if

they keep taking this call your bank

account if you did what with your bank

account when you keep taking the UK over

try it and what do they do to your bank

account they closed it I'm saying that's

the same thing happen in your life you

just you just not getting it so people

keep taking take it take it take it they

gonna over trap your joint and then a

part of your life that's gonna close

right which means that you won't be

getting blessings in that area it won't

flow all right so we got parasites then

we got commensalism that's the group

that we give to they're not bad people

they don't take but they don't do

nothing that's the worst group they just


they'll do nothing they have absolutely

nothing to give you now they don't

they're not bad people they don't mess

nothing up they just don't do nothing

and just like your car just in neutral

the whole times dear it's wasted energy

wasting gas is just a waste

what you want is mutualism

that every relationship brings something

good how many you are in relationships

where it's like a lot of parasites let

me just see your hands and you know what

I'm talking to it's a lot of parent

sizes take take take good how many of

you are in relationships where really is

5149 it's like you give him 51 they give

him 40 now they fighting you they give

him 51 and you give it 49 how many

relationships do we add like that good

all right

so we're going to the parasite and I

know it's gonna be hard for you but you

got to cut them period because they're

gonna suck the living daylights out of

you and then when you die they might

even make it to your funeral I'm just

being real they might not even make it

to your funeral because they busy trying

to find the next person to latch on to

that second group I don't know what you

want to do with them that's your


all right however you want a hand to

that after that but what I want you to

do with this conference is look around

and leave with at least two or three

people who can pull a on weight and so I

want you to look for when you leave this

place I want you to find at least two or

three people not that was a bomb event

no I want you to find two or three cuz

they're like-minded people in this room

right oh come on y'all to hear what I


they are in this room so on your

bathroom break lunch break whatever

little break you take I want you to

whatever you do you pray meditate

however you do what you do that would

allow you to find those people find

those people right and I'm gonna tell

you why and we're gonna get started

because it was those people that blew me

up now be careful because you don't know

what those people look like

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