THE POWER OF BEING YOURSELF | Best Motivational Speech of 2020

 THE POWER OF BEING YOURSELF | Best Motivational Speech of 2020 Ethic Motivation: motivational quotes and speeches

 THE POWER OF BEING YOURSELF | Best Motivational Speech of 2020
Ethic Motivation: motivational quotes and speeches

well I'm so privileged to be able to

travel all over the country even all

over the globe internationally South

Africa Australia India Europe all over

speaking to schools working with

students and teachers helping them go to

the next level right but I wasn't always

this motivational speaker like I wasn't

always this published author of books

traveling the world I there was a time

when I was in a really dark place you

know my mom had me when she was 16 


old I grew up without my biological

father in my life

I struggled with years for drug and

alcohol abuse and I just found myself in

a really really really weird and dark

place I had to repeat the seventh grade

and when the eighth grade came around

I'll never forget hearing at a

parent-teacher conference a teacher tell

my mom that I was( in a high school material

and I came to tell you that words are

powerful and when I heard that statement

I remember feeling like wow you know

like I am really really a failure you

know like it's one thing to tell a

student hey okay you're about to

graduate from high school

you're not college material you're not

gonna go to Ivy League maybe you should

go to a Czech school like I've heard

that right like cuz you know the people

different people have different paths

but but how do you tell like a high

school kid or middle school kid that

they're not ready for high school like

it affected me and I'll never forget

going that next year and after a series

of events a lot of fighting a lot of

struggling that school end up kicking me

out it was really rough I'll never

forget like when I first tricked my mom

and she saw it she was like I'm so proud

of you she started crying

I even got emotional she's hugging me

I'm hugging her we got like a

breakthrough and you're probably

wondering like Jeremy why were you

crying like you know you didn't really

earn all A's and two beans well for the

first time in a long time I didn't feel

like a failure like I actually felt

successful like worthy like I felt like

I was good enough there so I that was a

bit of emotional moment but it wasn't

real because I didn't really earn those

grades and again she's in tears but now

what's worth what was once tears of joy

now was tears of sorrow tears of pain

frustration and she's trying to figure

out like I wished my baby would just get

it together (  and I was so hurt but I felt

stuck I was depressed I was tired I was

struggling I felt like I was an accident

like what's the purpose of life like why

am I here

 THE POWER OF BEING YOURSELF | Best Motivational Speech of 2020
Ethic Motivation: motivational quotes and speeches

I felt like school was you know I felt

like I was I couldn't fit in when it was

time to read I didn't want to read

because somebody was well teased because

I wasn't a good reader so I would go and

use the bathroom like who's always

getting the fights people was bullying

me then there was a time when I was a

bully like I just struggled I was like

what's the point of it all and my mom is

a great mom (  so she moved me to another

school so now I'm and I'm at the school

now called Huntsville hi this is my

third school for the ninth grade now I

met this new school and I don't know how

to explain it to you but I got a group

of teachers I felt like they were weird

they were saying stuff like Jeremy we

believe in you me what teachers like oh

yeah Jeremy Anderson I've taught my man

ah this is gonna ( be the best year ever

I'm like okay what teacher I had to ask

myself wait a second

y'all are way too enthusiastic did y'all

get my transcripts like y'all got the

right Jeremy they was like yeah we got

the right Jeremy but you're in a new

season now so you don't have to worry

about the past I'll say yeah but you do

know about last year yep I said you know

this is my third school it's like we're

not worried about that again Jeremy

you're the new season now so let's not

bring all things into a new season and

they began to speak life to me they

begin their courage me they begin to

affirm me and because I was young and I

was immature I kind of felt like well

you don't really understand my story

you don't comfort while I come from and

I try to build the wall up but you know

what knocked that wall down it's love

you know what knocked that wall down it

was perseverance you know what knocked

that wall down it was like unwavering

commitment and support and I realized

you can be black white purple blue green

we need each other and if your showing

up because you believe in me and you see

great things inside me like maybe just

maybe I could do great things you know

when I go to schools and speak I always

start with two rules

I'll give this through those two rules

I'm like rule number one I need you lock

they're focused and listening to me my

second rule is I need you to believe

because I can be up here speaking and up

here sweating up here crying and

pour my heart out to you but if you have

the mindset like nothing is ever gonna

change like some of you when they was

doing that play and they was doing that

skip some of you felt it

some of you was like wow they shared my

story but there was still a little voice

in the back in your mind they said yeah

but that's not really gonna change

oh yeah it's easier said than done no no

no listen to me hear me louder clear

your mind set your belief system is

everything and it is so powerful and so

I came all the way from Atlanta Georgia

to tell you you were not a mistake

you were not an accident you were here

for a reason

I know you're going through some hard

times I know life at times might feel

rough or you might feel weird or things

might be frustrating but it's not going

to always be like this your condition

it's not your conclusion there is so

much more that's gonna take place there

are so much more power that's decides

you if you make up in your mind I choose

to believe that I could do great things

and I promise you my young friends I got

to a point in life when I lost like men

I got these teachers they must really

care like when you start having teachers

that get diagnosed with cancer but they

still show up to school teachers who

used to be engineers and they left that

industry to take a major pay cut to help

me like when you have teachers that have

a a triple bypass surgery one of my

teachers had arthritis so bad she

couldn't even write on the chalkboard

other teacher was going through a

divorce another one that just bared her

 THE POWER OF BEING YOURSELF | Best Motivational Speech of 2020
Ethic Motivation: motivational quotes and speeches

I'm looking through all these teachers

that's going through life just like you

just like me

but they kept showing up so something

inside my brain said maybe I am worth it

something inside me said made me I can't

do great things for them to jump through

all these hoops and go out of their way

to kind of connect with me for them to

make these sacrifices maybe it is

possible for me it's the same way with

you you're here because you're cause

you're here because your life has

purpose you're here because you were

fearfully and wonderfully made and there

was a special powerful plan for your

life and if you choose to fight it's

only a matter of time before you get

your breakthrough and I promise you I

was at that place while I was looking at

my teachers and I was like you're making

all these sacrifices you have life

you're struggling you're going through

some stuff but you still show up every

single day

I got to do is believe I'm like sign me

up and I was crazy enough to make some

adjustments I was crazy enough to value

school I was crazy and then watch this

and desperate enough to say after school

I could hang out at kicking with my boys

or play video games and watch TV but no

on my hands on my homework first I'm

gonna make the main thing the main thing

and I took summer school and I took my

school because I believed that there was

something special inside me I believe

that when my mom and dad came together

even though they didn't plan for me and

I came from a rough situations there was

23 chromosomes from my mom and 23

chromosomes from my dad came together to

make one single sale and over time those

cells began to multiply and duplicate

and I am where I am now where you are

where you are now like you there's a

reason that you're here right there's a

reason that you exist and so you just

tell yourself I want to do great things

I want to experience great things and I

want to bounce back and that's what I

told myself and so I started doing

summer school and I took my school

courses and I took extra classes and

watch this

I was bold enough and I was strong

enough to be humble and say I need help

the reality is nobody's life is perfect

and so sometimes we feel like I don't

want the world to know it's okay if you

need help you get to help so when people

see me now they're like ron jeremy you

pulled yourself up by your boot I'm like

it wasn't that simple I made some

adjustments but I still needed people's

help and I was strong enough and brave

enough to say hey I need help so if I

need to get a counselor if I need a

therapist if I need a tutor I need help

because I can't make it by myself and

I'm a big advocate for that and so what

am I telling you when I did that things

for me began to shift and so after I got

the bachelor's I'm like why stop here

it's the craziest thing right I had all

those drugs addiction and alcohol and

and pills and all the negative stuff I

was doing because I thought it was cool

and I liked that temporary feeling it

gave me because it was able to kind of

temporarily numb the pain but I realized

it was something deeper and so when I

stopped there and I began to value and

my body and I'm in my mind and I begin

to treat it like it's a precious like

temple and like it's a precious like a

thing like I was like I had the honor

and value myself and I stopped that

stuff it's like I got addicted to

something else it's just

cause success that kid that was getting

kicked out that felt like he wasn't good

enough that went to three different

schools on ninth grade bounce bad got

degrees began to travel to make this

impact why because I believe this so

I'll share there with you because I want

you to take a moment now and I want you

to seriously think about your life I

think about where you are internally we

have a group of people in here some of

you you're struggling yourself some of

you were just trying to get by you've

got so many pressures on you you want to

make your family proud you don't say you

want to get good grades you want to make

people proud but then you also have

friends and you want to be cool in their

eyes and you want to kind of fit in

there and the summer you were in a

really rare place you feel like people

don't understand you you feel like

you're having a hard time to connect

with people when you wake up in the

morning you feel like you're in the

slumps and you feel tired and drained

like I get it I've got a message for you

right the people those of you that's

looking for us acceptance from others

you're gonna have to make up your mind

and say you know what whether you accept

me or not I'm amazing I'm smart I'm

beautiful I'm talents he because if not

if you live for their acceptance you'll

die from their rejection so you gotta

tell yourself you know what I know I'm

amazing and I know I'm smart and those

of you that feel like you're in a really

weird place don't you that feel like

nobody understands you those of you that

feels like men I'm just here but I'm not

having a hard time connecting with

people you lost your zeal you lost your

passion you know you feel like you know

what's the point of living you feel like

what you could relate to what they were

doing in the skit here's my advice to

you don't keep it to yourself the worst

thing that you can do when you're in

that dark place it should just let that

thing push you off in the corner I'm

gonna challenge you to come to the light

like life can be hard life can be rough

but there's something special and

there's something powerful about the

human mind and about the human spirit

and about the human will when you tell

yourself I won't give up I won't

surrender I won't quit I'm gonna soar up

every single day and do the best that I

can and here's the beautiful thing about

 THE POWER OF BEING YOURSELF | Best Motivational Speech of 2020
Ethic Motivation: motivational quotes and speeches

it's why you're going through your

process and why you're trying to

navigate these waters and while you're

still you know trying to tweak some

stuff within yourself you still got the

power to save somebody else's life you

got the power to speak up for others you

got the power to be the voice of reason

for someone who might be on the verge of

doing something they shouldn't do you

have the power of saying hey I saw this

going on I know this isn't right you

have the power to put your arm around

somebody that might be in a really rough

place you have the power when you see

that person sitting by yourself in the

cafeteria you you slide over by them

even if they make you feel like you're

weird that's fine because they're gonna

go home and they're gonna think like wow

somebody actually saw me somebody

actually set by me like you have the

power to compliment someone and say hey

I like those kids all right like your

hair all right like your style like you

have the power to brighten somebody's

day your words are powerful your energy

is powerful and so I don't what you want

to think that you have to have it all

together and everything for you has to

be perfect and in order for you to be a

leader no no no no you can make an

impact you can make a difference you can

save somebody's life right now by you

just being unapologetically you and

you're walking in that calling and you

speak light and you affirm and you let

others know I see you and I with you and

I got your back and you're not by

yourself and I will hold your hand as

you go throughout this journey and even

though I'm struggling I don't mind

fighting on behalf

we're gonna figure this thing out

together keyword together I need to

catch that right because we're in a

weird place that's the country keyword

together we're gonna figure this thing

out together there's something beautiful

about us having that mindset of us being


you don't say not black white asian

Hispanic not Republican Democrat

independent we are here and I believe

that there is more that makes us

together there was more than we have in

common then we had that's not in common

and I believe that our differences and

what makes us though doggone amazing our


think about this for a moment think

about how lame and how boring the world

would be if we only had one kind of bird

what have you looked up and said oh

that's a bird that's a pretty bird but

no it's not just one kind of bird we got

blue jays we got Canaries we got

Cardinals we got eagles we got ours

we got pigeons you I'm a fan think about

that right like there were so many

amazing things and there are so many

different amazing personalities and

there is nobody else on this planet

exactly like you and so I believe then

we make a decision is that you know what

we will come together as a people

here's the reality you are that came

today you are like the delegates you got

chosen the reality is I would love to be

able to presented every single person

inside your school and it really take

time to unpack my story and some of the

things I had to go through to ensure

success right but I'm sharing it with

you so that you can then take it back to

your school so that you can make the

impact you've been called to make you

got to view this conference almost like

this is the training ground where we

train you and we equip you and we

prepare you to go back to your school

with that mindset what we prepare you

and train you and equip you to be a

leader now I think that in today's day

and age we view leadership and the

responsibility a little wrong like

some people view leadership is like I'm

the boss

you have to listen to me and what I say

go no no no no true leaders our servants

when you have that mindset that tells

yourself I want to be a servant to my

school I want to be a servant to my

school I want to be a servant to my

community like that's what makes you

great think about it why do we have such

high esteem and high regards for

policemen and firemen and women you

don't know saying and first responders

it's because they live a life of service

they show up every single day and

they're like hey it's not about me and

what I want and makes me comfortable I'm

here to make sure our people are safe

I'm here to make sure our people have

what they need I'm here to help them

live in a thrive like that's the mindset

that we have to have so we need you all

leaving the conference today with a

mindset like you know what I'm not just

a student you don't saying that just

happening in this gray I'm not just here

at the school I'm here for a reason you

don't say you got to tell yourself man I

felt like I've been pushed down in the

dirt I feel like people have been

stuffing on me I feel like stuff has

been raining on me

but you didn't realize this my young

friends you was just a seed so you got

to tell yourself no no no I haven't been

pushed down on the dirt and I haven't

been stumped on I've been planted and

I've been placed in this pot for a

reason and we're at this arena here to

be able to have a conversation they say

what does it look like to go to that

next level what does it look like -

speak up - stand up what eventually

happens from that we save

life and I want to enable you all you

have the power to save somebody's life I

know some of you were thinking again

Jeremy but I'm trying to just hold on

myself that we all are just trying to

hold on we all are going to continue to

fight but when we had that mindset that

says I don't want to just make sure I'm

good I want to make sure I'm good and

when I help those around me this is why

I talk about mental health this is why I

talk about us making sure we get the

help that we need because every single

time I get on the airplane

they say Jeremy if something goes wrong

you put your oxygen mask on then you

help others and so I need you all to do

the same thing when you leave here if

you feel like you're in a weird place if

you feel stuck if you feel like you know

what I feel like I need some help you

get the help you need that's how you

show how strong and how bold and how

powerful you are and then when you feel

like okay I'm getting the help I need

now I can speak light now I can support

others now I can affirm others that's

where the power takes place when I look

around this arena I can't help a

question I can't help but ask myself

what you were going to accomplish right

like I just kind of wonder that like

what do you want to achieve I mean we

get done and we'll take some pictures

and selfies and we'll have a good time

together but in the back of my mind I'd

be wondering like what's the next app

that you're going to create you don't

send some time I wonder like you know I

said are you gonna come up with a cure

for Alzheimer's dementia or are you

going to come up you know saying what's

something that can purify water for

people across the globe

are you gonna create the next app that

can connect us are you going to be the

next teacher or superintendent are you

going to be the next leader or not

community like my I'd be wondering

sometimes like what are the great things

that you're going to accomplish and

there are times when I look at what's

happening in the world and imma be

discouraged I've got a seven-year-old

daughter and a one-year-old baby boy

sometimes I look at the crazy stuff

that's happening in this world and I'm

like man what kind of world am i racing

my kids in but then I'm encouraged

because I get to come to events like

this and I get to look in your faces and

connect with you and I have no doubt

that there's great things asides you and

that you're gonna experience some

amazing things inside your life if you

make a decision to say I'm gonna speak

up I'm gonna stand up I'm gonna save a

life if you tell yourself I will be a

leader if you tell yourself I'm gonna

show up every single day at my school

and I'm gonna

above and beyond because there are some

kids and some different countries and

some different places that wish they had

the opportunity to be at my school to

have floors and lights you don't stand

and screens and Technology I've been to

places my young friends where I've

walked through some schools in some

different countries doing some volunteer

work and I'm seeing the facilities there

I knows I've met some kids that would

love to come here and be able to go to a

school that has a gym or be able to go

to a school that has AC or to be able to

go to school that has desk or to be able

to go to school where they get their own

books and there's some of y'all tablets

and all these extra things we are so

privileged what do we do with this

opportunity that we have I want to

challenge you to make the most of it

to speak life to love to encourage to

wrap your arms around those who are

struggling and you let them know you

know where you're not in this by

yourself now you can't always control

what happens to you my friends but you

can't control how you respond to it and

I told my wife years ago I said well

we're not gonna do is we're not gonna

quit and we're not gonna surrender and

we're gonna put our best foot forward

and we'll do everything that we can to

help make the world a better place this

world we live in we need you operating

in your full gifts and your full talents

you are here for a reason I know life

can be weird I know life can be

frustrating but when you tell yourself

you know what I'm here for a reason I

have something to say

my life has Worth and value I am a

leader I am here to serve others I am

here to serve my school I think that's

when the shift really really begins to

take place I believe that that's what we

can tell ourselves okay now I'm really

living my best life because I show up

every single day with the focus to make

an impact in the lives of others and so

we need you all to leave with this

mindset here I need you all to tell

yourself I was born to be a leader I was

born to win I live in my purpose until

the end and if you question my greatness

and don't believe I'll prove you wrong

and soon you'll see you tell yourself I

am great I am smart I won't quit I won't

you'll make a proclamation also hope and

love until the very end you tell

yourself I'll lead with honesty I'll

lead with honesty respect hope and love

you tell yourself I'll leave this world

to rise above and when things get really

really rough you tell yourself I won't

give up with life I wrestle I am a

hard-working and resilient vessel I am

cool I am smart I am kind I am special I

will remain grateful but never silly

that's my time god bless you all

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